IKEA Is Selling Furniture From ‘Friends,’ ‘The Simpsons’ And ‘Stranger Things’


Hot on the heels of the news that the Sopranos house is on sale, there’s this: IKEA has a new campaign that allows fans to live inside Stranger Things, Friends, and/or The Simpsons.

Deadline caught the news, first reported by Ad Week, that the Swedish giant — which sells affordable, although not always long-lasting, furniture across the world — has started what they call their “real life series.” The campaign allows customers to recreate three of TV’s most iconic living rooms: Monica and Rachel’s apartment from Friends, the family room from The Simpsons, or the Byers estate from Stranger Things.

So far the campaign appears to only be available in the United Arab Emirates, but the designs are meticulously detailed and scarily accurate. The Simpsons recreation retains the bold pastel colors of the cartoon (plus the generic sailboat painting, hung crooked), while the one for Friends sells as much of Monica and Rachel’s cluttered living room as possible, right down to the “Garage” painting above the old square-shaped TV (which is not for sale).

Fulfilling your desire to live in the Stranger Things room will cost you, especially with the international shipping costs. Still, it is cheaper than buying the aforementioned Sopranos McMansion, and if you go whole hog, you can both cosplay as your favorite TV characters while enjoying the surreal experience of watching the shows while sitting in a duplicate of the rooms on your television screen.

(Via Ad Week and Deadline)