Gucci Mane Feat. Big Sean – “Brought Out Them Racks” Video

Kudos to Gucci Mane and Big Sean for the reminder to place "Brought Out Them Racks" back in the weekend rotation.

Trap God

Gucci Mane – “Plain Jane (Remix)” x “Too Damn Sexy” Videos

Gucci wasn't playing around when he said that he'd be releasing a flurry of visuals.

Verse Simmons

Gucci Mane Feat. Verse Simmonds – “Wish You Would” Video

As we all anxiously count the calendar until 10/17 - okay, Tins and me - La Flare pacifies his rabid fans with the latest video from I'm Up.

The Trapaholics

Gucci Mane – I’m Up Mixtape


To supply the soundtrack of all your ratchet activities over the next 72 hours, Radric Davis has you covered with his newest time honored American treasure, I'm Up.

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