Video: SNL Digital Short – “Body Fusion”

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Drew Barrymore - Body Fusion sélectionné dans Humour et Sketch / Imitation Tonight Saturday Night Live will play straight digital shorts at Andy Samberg's discretion.


Video: Asher Roth & The Roots Perform “Be By Myself” On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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The beauty of The Roots gigging on the Jimmy Fallon show is that any morning when there's a scarcity of material or we're unprepared, all we've got to do is wake up & conveniently scan for a clip of the previous night's performance to start the day.


Video: Bert & Ernie On A Boat

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Sesame Street x The Lonely Island mashup for "I'm On A Boat.


“I Love You Like My Wing Span…”

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Before they were jizzing in their pants, before they were putting their dick in a box and before they were on that lazy Sunday chronic-(what!)-cles of Narnia, they were The Lonely Island.

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