Mann Feat. T-Pain – “Get It Girl”


Can someone please tell me who the hell Mann is.

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B.o.B – No Genre Mixtape x “Watcher” Video


Words by C. Paicely Who pissed off Bobby Ray? Right after his five Grammy nominations, B.o.B takes to his roots and sounds like a reinvigorated version of his old self that tore up mixtapes years ago with a flow that fumes with vicious chip-on-the-shoulder hunger. No Genre introduces us to another side of MTV’s golden boy, the unapologetic and explicit threat. So those of you who merrily played the mostly-clean Adventures of Bobby Ray in your PT Cruisers with the little ones in the backseat, this ain’t that. The mixtape opens up with the monstrous “Beast Mode” and Bobby continues the trend of rapid-fire lyrical complexities with “So So” and “How U Do That” before slowing the story down to explore his own emotional range. Listening to No Genre may add fuel to the argument that you should judge the artist by the mixtape, not the album. A plethora of producers - including Kutta and Bobby himself - take the tape all over the place, making the whole project feel like we shouldn’t be getting it for free. Hell, we even get the Quincy Jones and Lupe Fiasco cuts. Coinciding with the mixtape drop, we get a video that’ll be the talk of the week, at the very least. Apparently Bobby’s sick of hearing about the “It’s a Damn Shame” vid and all it’s copycat Freemason/Illuminati/Hip Hop connectors. I’m sure we all have a few paranoid pals who could benefit from watching “The Watchers.” Tracklist, video, stream and download link are all below. 1. "Beast Mode" (Prod. by Infinity) 2.


B.o.B Feat. T.I. – “Forever Lost”


While young Bobby Ray got Tip on one track for his Adventures..., this one had to get the snip-snip because Coldplay hates all rappers not named Jay-Z and Kanye.

South Central State Of Mind

Nipsey Hussle Feat. Iyaz – “Return Of The Mack”


I've always been a fanatic of "Return Of The Mack;" the smash single from one of the greatest one-hit-wonders of all-time, Mark Morrison.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg – “Bootiez Automatic”


Spiffy little 80's funk number from Big Snoop Dogg for the iTunes bonus track for Malice N Wonderland.

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“iDon’t Wanna B U”


I've never heard of Young Lace or Spark Dawg, but either Spark Dawg or someone from his team sent this link over yesterday.

We Got Now

Freddie Gibbs – “Bury Me A G ’09”


If you're even slightly familiar with Gary, Indiana, then you know it's basically the portion of Chicago the cops aren't liable for.

Sean Kingston

Lil’ Wayne Feat. Sean Kingston – “I’m At War”


Wayne blowin' on Jamaica + Jamaica's Sean Kingston = new track from SK's album Tomorrow & another excuse reason for Weezy to use Auto-Tune.

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