Kato Ft. Rittz, Jackie Chain, Scotty ATL & RaRa – “Pimpin’ Mane” (Remix)


The Atlanta producer is pulling out the stops to make sure that people know his album's dropping.

ST 2 Lettaz

Doobie Brothaz Ft. Chevy Woods – “Any State” (Prod. By Block Beattaz)


If you haven't heard by now, ST 2 Lettaz and Jackie Chain have combined forces like Voltron to form The Doobie Brothaz.


Jackie Chain Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Yelawolf – “Yeah That’s Me (Remix)” x ‘The Bruce Lean Chronicles Vol. 2′ Mixtape

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A year after the original surfaced and Jackie Chain hits us with a remix of Big K.R.I.T.'s "Yeah Dat's Me"? It would take some incentive to hit play, right.


Jackie Chain Ft. Rittz – “Trippin'” (Prod. Kasper Brightside)

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It's been awhile since we've heard from Jackie Chain, but he's beginning the release of his newest project, Bruce Lean Chronicles Vol 2 with the first single, "Trippin'" featuring Rittz.

The Hang Out

Jackie Chain, Scotty & RaRa – “Pimpin Mane” (Prod. by Kato of SMKA)


Of course SMKA organized an event as extraordinary as #TheHangOut.


Jackie Chain x Nick Catchdubs – After Hours Mixtape

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Y'know the nighttime is the right time to get involved in all sorts of G'd up wackiness and adult activities.


Jackie Chain Feat. Gangsta Boo – “Don’t Violate” (Produced By DJ Burn One)


Alabama’s other non-Black Hip-Hop artist du jour is back with an oldie but goodie.

Nick Catchdubs

Jackie Chain – “Molly” Video

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"The DJ play the music I can feel it in my body, This venue's like a painting by Salvador Dali" God, when I pressed play on Jackie Chain's screwed-up visual that line slaughtered me.

Nick Catchdubs

Jackie Chain Feat. Freddie Gibbs – “Night Is Young”

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Jackie Chain and Freddie Gibbs spitting party raps over production that brings to mind waifs on designer drugs flailing in sync to a seizure-inducing lightshow shouldn’t work.


Jackie Chain Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B – “Parked Outside” Video

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A few years have passed since the long-haired Alabama pimp named Jackie Chain pulled up on our radar, but it's now officially safe to say he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Paper Route Gangstaz

PRGz Feat. Jackie Chain – “Chevy”


A lot of rap's best tunes are coming from Alabama right now, whether the source be rappers or producers.

Young Scolla

Jackie Chain, Rittz, Jarren Benton & Young Scolla – “Certified Sh*t” Video


The young & reckless gather for the visuals of "Certified Shit," shot by Richard Taylor for Taylormade Video Vision.


Mookie Jones Feat. Jackie Chain & Big Sant – “TCB”

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Mookie Jones is still eyes on the prize even though #PAN got pushed back until later this month.


Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly II The World

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Birds in the sky and fish in the sea have nothing on Sean Falyon, the rap pugilist who manages to Be Everywhere you can possibly think of at the same time.

Who Da Mane

Jackie Chain Has A Stalker

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"Tryin' get a kiss hoe, that's a no no..." Since Jackie Chain had a quick-trigger finger with his Block-Beataz-produced Who Da Mane mixtape and released it without much real promotion, many of you may have missed the Universal Motown signee's cinematic "Stalker.

Who Da Mane

Jackie Chain – “This Is Not Enough” Video

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Considering the song title and crisp visual focuses around a microphone, you might assume Jackie Chain's "This Is Not Enough" would be less geared toward his typical mackin' and pistol packin' ways and leaning more towards actual lyricism.

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