Kato Ft. Rittz, Jackie Chain, Scotty ATL & RaRa – “Pimpin’ Mane” (Remix)


The Atlanta producer is pulling out the stops to make sure that people know his album's dropping.

ST 2 Lettaz

Doobie Brothaz Ft. Chevy Woods – “Any State” (Prod. By Block Beattaz)


If you haven't heard by now, ST 2 Lettaz and Jackie Chain have combined forces like Voltron to form The Doobie Brothaz.


Jackie Chain Ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Yelawolf – “Yeah That’s Me (Remix)” x ‘The Bruce Lean Chronicles Vol. 2′ Mixtape

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A year after the original surfaced and Jackie Chain hits us with a remix of <a href="">Big K.R.I.T.'s "Yeah Dat's Me"?</a> It would take some incentive to hit play, right.


Jackie Chain Ft. Rittz – “Trippin'” (Prod. Kasper Brightside)

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It's been awhile since we've heard from Jackie Chain, but he's beginning the release of his newest project, Bruce Lean Chronicles Vol 2 with the first single, "Trippin'" featuring Rittz.

The Hang Out

Jackie Chain, Scotty & RaRa – “Pimpin Mane” (Prod. by Kato of SMKA)


Of course SMKA organized an event as extraordinary as #TheHangOut.


Jackie Chain x Nick Catchdubs – After Hours Mixtape

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Y'know the nighttime is the right time to get involved in all sorts of G'd up wackiness and adult activities.


Jackie Chain Feat. Gangsta Boo – “Don’t Violate” (Produced By DJ Burn One)


Alabama’s other non-Black Hip-Hop artist du jour is back with an oldie but goodie.

Nick Catchdubs

Jackie Chain – “Molly” Video

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"The DJ play the music I can feel it in my body, This venue's like a painting by Salvador Dali" God, when I pressed play on <a href="">Jackie Chain's</a> screwed-up visual that line slaughtered me.

Nick Catchdubs

Jackie Chain Feat. Freddie Gibbs – “Night Is Young”

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Jackie Chain and Freddie Gibbs spitting party raps over production that brings to mind waifs on designer drugs flailing in sync to a seizure-inducing lightshow shouldn’t work.


Jackie Chain Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B – “Parked Outside” Video

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A few years have passed since the long-haired Alabama pimp named <a href="">Jackie Chain</a> pulled up on our radar, but it's now officially safe to say he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Paper Route Gangstaz

PRGz Feat. Jackie Chain – “Chevy”


A lot of rap's best tunes are coming from Alabama right now, whether the source be rappers or producers.


Jackie Chain Feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Bun B – “Parked Outside”

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Forget your preconceptions about <a href="">Jackie Chain</a>, his looks or music.

Young Scolla

Jackie Chain, Rittz, Jarren Benton & Young Scolla – “Certified Sh*t” Video


The young & reckless gather for the visuals of "Certified Shit," shot by Richard Taylor for Taylormade Video Vision.


Mookie Jones Feat. Jackie Chain & Big Sant – “TCB”

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<a href="">Mookie Jones</a> is still eyes on the prize even though #PAN got pushed back until later this month.


Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly II The World

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Birds in the sky and fish in the sea have nothing on <a href="">Sean Falyon</a>, the rap pugilist who manages to Be Everywhere you can possibly think of at the same time.


Struggle Feat. Rittz & Jackie Chain – “Getcha High”

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<a href=""> Make room on the playlist for one more from our extended Slumerican family as <a href="">Struggle</a> steps up to deliver "Getcha High.

Who Da Mane

Jackie Chain Has A Stalker

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<a href=""> "Tryin' get a kiss hoe, that's a no no..." Since <a href="">Jackie Chain</a> had a quick-trigger finger with his Block-Beataz-produced <a href="">Who Da Mane</a> mixtape and released it without much real promotion, many of you may have missed the <a href="">Universal Motown signee's</a> cinematic "Stalker.

One Fan At A Time

Hollywood Floss Feat. Jackie Chain – “Contact High”

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<a href=""> Filed under "we never would've seen this collaboration coming." Young <a href="">Floss</a> could actually catch a contact by standing in the same vicinity as Jackie.

Who Da Mane

Jackie Chain – “Tru Love” Video

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<a href=""> Mackin' ain't easy but <a href="">Jackie Chain</a> never looked for any shorts or losses.

Who Da Mane

Jackie Chain – “This Is Not Enough” Video

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Considering the song title and crisp visual focuses around a microphone, you might assume <a href="">Jackie Chain's</a> "This Is Not Enough" would be less geared toward his typical mackin' and pistol packin' ways and leaning more towards actual lyricism.

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