Selig Should Try Being Like This In Real Life

Nothing that follows "Taiwanese Animation explained the ownership woes of the Los Angeles Dodgers by" should be surprising, but damn if after seeing Tim Tebow stab a dolphin, Yao Ming hatch from a basketball and Manny Ramirez kick dirt on his wife I wasn't still surprised when Bud Selig showed out of nowhere on trapeze wires and lopped off Frank McCourt's hand with butcher knife.


Frank McCourt To Be Rewarded For ‘Looting’


Embattled Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has not only been going through a nasty divorce, but he’s also been fighting with every last ounce of his being to maintain his ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Frank and Jamie McCourt Agree To Disagree, Never Mention Divorce Again


Hey Dodgers fans, remember the good old days, back when Frank McCourt was a principled, passionate businessman who pulled himself up by the bootstraps and led L.

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