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A Brief History Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Steven Seagal

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That Steven Seagal story going around is actually old, but this seemed as good a time as any for a refresher.


Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Have Gloriously Landed An A&E Reality Series

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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are going to be given a whole hour per week to overshare on A&E next year with 'Donnie Loves Jenny.'

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Donnie Wahlberg Was Making Out With Groupies Left And Right Before He Met Jenny McCarthy

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YUCK. According to Joey McIntyre, 40-something Donnie Wahlberg was still making out with groupies right before he got with Jenny McCarthy.


Please Allow Jenny McCarthy To Tell You About Donnie Wahlberg’s ‘Beautiful’ Penis

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Please, don't let anything bad ever happen to Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg's marriage.

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The World’s Worst Husband Dropped His Wedding Ring On The Field After Catching A Home Run

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This is why you shouldn't wear your wedding ring to a baseball game...or to the strip club.


Jenny McCarthy Already Lost Her Wedding Ring Because She Can’t Have Sex Wearing It

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MYSTERY: Why does Jenny McCarthy need to remove her wedding rings before she has sexual relations with Donnie Wahlberg.


Mark Wahlberg Apologized For Missing His Brother’s Wedding On Instagram

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Mark Wahlberg is sorry for missing Donnie's wedding, but not sorry enough to call him.

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Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd Claim They Weren’t Fired From ‘The View’ (They Were Totally Fired)

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We have a feeling that Sarcastic Jennifer Lawrence gif would have strong feelings about this news.


‘The View’ Just Cleaned House And Whoopi Goldberg Is The Last Woman Standing

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Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are out -- Rosie O'Donnell is possibly in?


Stream Them If You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, May 15, 2014

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Wondering which Zac Efron movie you should watch on Netflix? Laremy's got you covered.


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Took Jenny McCarthy To The Woodshed For Now Claiming That She’s Not Anti-Vaccine

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Leave it to Jenny McCarthy to lead me to knod my head in agreement with Megyn Kelly.

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Lena Dunham's 'Girls' Inspired Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd To Go Topless On 'The View'

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In case you needed more reasons to not like Lena Dunham, well, here ya go!

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Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Dropped In For A Friendly Chat With The Ladies Of 'The View'

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Duke porn star Belle Knox opens up about the empowerment or pornography to the ladies of 'The View.' She's swell.


Jenny McCarthy’s Self-Made Twitter Hashtag Was Hilariously Hijacked By Pro-Vaccine Critics

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'The View' co-host Jenny McCarthy tried to start a Twitter hashtag, created a spot for criticism of her anti-vaccine asshattery. Here are the best tweets.

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Jenny McCarthy Is Joining ‘The View’ As A Co-Host

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With Elisabeth Hasselbeck leaving for Fox News, Jenny McCarthy will be added to the co-host desk at "The View."


Important Story Of The Day: Jenny McCarthy Had Sex With A Tree While High On Ecstasy

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"The texture felt so good that I decided to rub my head and boobs all over it." Sounds about right.


These Are Tough Times For Brian Urlacher

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Earlier this year, it was “reported” that Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher had added to his arsenal of terrible girlfriends when he started shacking up with former Playboy Playmate and noted nutjob Jenny McCarthy.


6.26 The Cooler

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Ayisha Diaz Here's Why YouTube Videos Freeze At 301 Views [Gamma Squad] Samuel L.

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