Tara Reid Isn’t Done Talking About Her Feud With Jenny McCarthy

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Last month, Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy engaged in a brief, albeit glorious, passive aggressive fight when the former came onto the latter’s radio show to promote Sharknado 4. See, Reid was there to promote Sharknado 4 and Sharknado 4 alone, and did not appreciate it when McCarthy kept trying to steer the topic of conversation to one of Reid’s other involvements, a reality series called Marriage Bootcamp — apparently a point of contention for Reid. The whole thing incredibly devolved into school child-level insults as the two women insulted each other’s plastic surgery and relationships before Reid finally hung up on McCarthy. It was, in a nutshell, wonderful, but also fleeting.

Over the weekend, Reid appeared on the entertainment show Hollywood Today Live, where host Ross Mathews brought up the now infamous fight, though, and it all came rushing back. The former American Pie star says she doesn’t even know where the so-called feud came from. “Something like that is just so silly,” she said. “Like, we’re here to talk about Sharknado.” (Yes, we know.) When pressed, Reid fired off another round, “Good for you, Jenny. Now these people know you have a show.” Asked if she and McCarthy would ever make up, Reid admitted that prior to her interview, not only did the two not have a beef, but they had never met before: “I think she actually purposely did that to get ratings. Why else would you do that? It doesn’t make any sense.”

We can probably expect McCarthy’s response any moment now. In the meantime, I’ll fire up the popcorn machine. (Seriously, though, if this whole thing doesn’t resolve with McCarthy getting eaten by a shark in Sharknado 5, I for one will be astounded.)

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