The Internet Had Some Harsh Words For Jenny McCarthy’s ‘Rockin’ New Year’ Hair

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2016
Getty Image / Columbia Pictures

New Year’s Eve saw some memorable moments, which included the highlight of Don Lemon drunkenly praising Kathy Griffin’s “nice rack” on CNN. Over on ABC, Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy held down the fort with a variety of musical guests, but McCarthy’s hair did much of the talking. Indeed, folks went bonkers over McCarthy’s prominent blonde extensions. This was a new look, as she recently went hot pink last fall, and she now sports a fuller, platinum set of locks. She pulled back her bangs in a style resembling many 1990s icons and possibly a Jersey Shore star or two.

Someone also mentioned “squad goals,” which had nothing to do with hair.

The overall internet consensus was that this was not a flattering look for McCarthy. Her hair somehow dwarfed her already powerful persona, and as the evening progressed, the hair turned into a meme. Then the meme swallowed Twitter and gave birth to a mulleted child. Several comparisons to Dog the Bounty Hunter arose:

One person compared the look to a Game of Thrones white walker.

Orlando Bloom’s Lord of the Rings locks got a shoutout.

Then McCarthy suffered a Kardashian comparison, which was not kind.

From there, the situation accelerated with some Mad Max, Gene Simmons, and Joe Dirt comparisons. That wasn’t all, and here’s a sampling of responses. Poor McCarthy won’t wear her hair like this for a long time.