Donnie Wahlberg Isn’t Opposed To Some ‘Amber Rose-Kanye Business’ Action In The Bedroom

Donnie Wahlberg and wife Jenny McCarthy appeared on The Wendy Williams Show this week to promote the third season of their A&E reality series Donnie Loves Jenny, where the couple revealed some very permanent decisions they’re currently making that is going to make divorce way less fun someday. Namely, McCarthy is no longer legally Jenny McCarthy, and has recently changed her last name to “Wahlberg” because she wants “to be the girl” and “be the wife” in the relationship.

Williams went on to ask Mrs. Wahlberg to see her new Donnie tattoo, to which she responded, “which one?” In addition to matching J/D heart tattoos on their wrists, Jenny got the words “love” and “Donnie” tattooed on the first two fingers on her right hand so she can always see “love Donnie” when she puts her hand on his face. How very sweet.

Donnie, on the other hand, was skeptical of his wife’s reason for the tattoos.

She says she did it so she could see it on my face, but she was hoping it would lead to some Amber Rose-Kanye business, like she wanted to see that finger go in just a little. She did!

When I told her, I said, if you wanna do that you should’ve tattooed the pinky… ’cause that’s it. Just that. That’s all that can go.

I’ve got nothing further to add other than I would just like to point out that I totally called this back in September 2014 when McCarthy gave a questionable reason as to why she couldn’t wear her wedding rings during sex. At least she refrained from speaking about Wahlberg’s “beautiful penis” this time.

(Via Page Six)