Trickster Heroes Hilariously Tamper With Electronic Road Sign Leading To Jersey Shore

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On a road heading towards Atlantic City, NJ, someone tampered with this electronic road sign intending to warn of changed traffic patterns.


Angelina From Jersey Shore Wants To ‘Celebrity Box’ The Other Cast Members We’ve Forgotten About

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Angelina from Jersey Shore (remember her? Remember THAT?) wants to Celebrity Box Snooki, J-Woww and whoever else from Jersey Shore, because sadness.


Jesus Christ, What Happened To Snooki?

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Snooki looks very different from her "Jersey Shore" days.


Of Course Snooki Wrote A Letter To Kate Middleton Offering Baby Advice

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Former Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi wrote a letter to Kate Middleton with some advice about how to handle being a new mother.


Today In ‘Jersey Shore’-Related Mardi Gras Boob Flashing Imposter News

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BREAKING: Girl who looks like girl from "Jersey Shore" showed her boobs at Mardi Gras and TMZ decided to cover it like the Cuban Missile Crisis.

same crap different idiots

Breaking: Local Residents Displeased About The Way An MTV Reality Show (‘BUCKWILD’) Depicts Their Region

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People from West Virginia are upset about how MTV's new reality show 'Buckwild' depicts their way of life. Hmm, where have I heard that before.


MTV Is Doing A Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Featuring The Cast Of ‘Jersey Shore’

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The cast of "Jersey Shore" will host a Hurricane Sandy special on MTV. Naturally.


Ryan Lochte Is Hanging Out With The Situation Now Because Of Course He Is

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Olympic gold medalist and guy who trademarked the word “JEAH”, Ryan Lochte turned 28-years old on August 3, which was almost 8 weeks ago, and that’s important to remember because he was the guest of honor at Liv in Miami this past weekend, as he celebrated his birthday.


Deena From 'Jersey Shore' Got Banned From A Bar For Two Years For Being Deena From 'Jersey Shore'

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Deena from 'Jersey Shore' got banned from a Seaside Heights bar for two years because she made a drunken spectacle of herself.


End Of A Spray-Tanned Era: ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Done After Upcoming Season

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MTV announced today that there will be no more "Jersey Shore" after the reality show's upcoming sixth and final season.


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 8/13/12: Ass Cape Vs. Tout Machine, Continued

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Tonight's Raw preview: As SummerSlam draws closer, the plots surrounding the two World Championships have begun to thicken considerably.


Pauly D Made $11 Million As A DJ Last Year

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'Jersey Shore's' Pauly D was the 7th highest-earning DJ in the world last year, pulling in $11 million. This seems very reasonable.


Who Is The Most Overpaid Star On Television?

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A list of the most overpaid and underpaid stars working in television based on their salary divided by the number of viewers they receive.


Forget 'The Avengers,' We Have a New Contender for Best Film of the Summer

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Why would you waste your time and money watching $100 million special effects; an all-star, A-list cast; Scarlett Johansson's boobs in motion; and an abundance of Hulk Smash when you can see a movie with twelve dollar special effects, the old guy from "The Sopranos"; the fat guy from 'N Sync; fake Jersey boobs in motion; and, um, sharks.


'Jersey Shore' Will Live Forever

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MTV announced yesterday that "Jersey Shore" will return for a sixth season, even though there are currently two spin-offs being filmed, and Snooki will be carrying a fetus.


Important Dating Advice From The Ladies of ‘Jersey Shore’

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Image via MTV TV Guide has a video up on their site -- which I can't get to embed properly because at least one of us in this tango is incompetent -- featuring JWOWW, Snooki, and Deena from "Jersey Shore" giving dating advice for Valentine's Day.


‘Jersey Shore’ Spin-off News

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Two bits of "Jersey Shore"-related spin-off news are floating around today, so let's wipe them both out right here.

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