The ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Are Partying Like It’s 2009 And Filming Some Sort Of MTV-Free Reunion

To truly understand MTV’s Jersey Shore, you had to live through it at the height of its popularity. If the show was industrial grade ridiculous to survivors of its run as a bonafide cultural phenomenon in 2009 and 2010, I can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to be someone who was too young to know what it was like to fall head over heels for this masterpiece of falling down drunk reality TV. (Well, just the first season really, but you know what I’m getting at.) According to the Asbury Park Press, we’ll be getting the opportunity to catch up with our old friends relatively soon.

Members of the Jersey Shore cast were reported to be out filming in Point Pleasant Beach and Asbury Park in June for some sort of TV project. This isn’t an MTV sanctioned event, though. The APP was told by a spokesperson for the cable channel that what’s being filmed isn’t an MTV property. There’s no word on if this mysterious project has a home already or will be shopped around or used the world’s most confusing Tidal incentive. The production company involved in the 2017 reunion is also different than the one they had at MTV.

Naturally, Instagram has tons of photographic evidence of the get-together. Namely, a pleasant night out shared by Snooki, Jenni, Sammi, and Deena.

The show’s notorious reputation for boozing, brawling and broad stereotypes hasn’t been washed away since Jersey Shore fist pumped goodbye in 2012. Seaside Heights rejected a filming permit attempt by the new production and the cold shoulder doesn’t end there.

“They called 10 days before they wanted to film and we said no freaking way, it’ll be bad publicity,” said Langosta Lounge entertainment director Peter Mantas. “Bring those meatheads to the Langosta Lounge? No way.”

Will you welcome Jersey Shore‘s new era whenever it pops up? That’s for your gym/tan/laundry routine to declare.

(Via Asbury Park Press & BroBible)