Courtney Love Explains Why She And Dave Grohl Finally Made Up: Boobs

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Courtney Love told Jimmy Kimmel it was their mutual appreciation for an actress' boobs that ended her 20 year feud with Dave Grohl.


John Mulaney Continues To Have A Good Sense Of Humor About His Sitcom’s ‘Small But Disloyal Following’

By | 29 Comments

John Mulaney's sitcom is struggling. But that's just giving him more material to be funny.


Your Favorite ‘Sesame Street’ Characters Are Very, Very Naughty In This Week’s ‘Unnecessary Censorship’

By | 5 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel gives us a special 'Sesame Street' look at 'Unnecessary Censorship,' leaving us with very awkward with Cookie Monster. Gordon wants to do WHAT with his sister!?

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Watch Jim Carrey Give ‘Dumb And Dumber’-Style Bowl Cuts To Fans On The Street

By | 4 Comments

Jim Carrey gave his iconic 'Dumb and Dumber' bowl cut to some lucky fans on Hollywood Boulevard. The situation turned predictably insane.

#Jimmy Fallon

A Brief Recent History Of Late Night Hosts Appearing On Other Late Night Shows

By | 3 Comments

It's awkward and amazing when a late night host goes on another show as a guest, these are some of the best moments.

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Nathan Fillion Is Building His Team For The Zombie Apocalypse

By | 4 Comments

Nathan Fillion is building a team for the zombie apocalypse, and he's looking for folks with a specific set of skills.

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Jimmy Kimmel Once Again Convinces Parents To Tell Their Kids ‘I Ate All Your Halloween Candy’

By | 31 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to pretend to eat their children's hard-earned Halloween candy.

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Jimmy Kimmel Is Going To Host Two Shows At Once Thanks To The Miracle Of Holograms


Jimmy Kimmel is going to host 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' and The CMA Awards at the same time and he's using holograms to do it.


Keanu Reeves Recounted To Jimmy Kimmel The Time He Saw A Ghost As A Child


Keanu Reeves answered Jimmy Kimmels' totally random questions and didn't shy away from talking about seeing a ghost as a child.

#Bill Murray

Bill Murray Gave Jimmy Kimmel Some Very Helpful Parenting Advice


Jimmy Kimmel is thankful he got parenting advice from Bill Murray, father of six.

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Watch Ice Cube Say Nice Things In Angry Ice Cube Voice While Wearing An N.W.A. Shirt


"Man, I would love to give your broke ass a ride to the airport."

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Shia LaBeouf Tells Kimmel That Delicious Irish Whiskey Is To Blame For His Broadway Arrest

By | 27 Comments

On last night's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Shia LaBeouf explained that all of his recent problems can be traced back to Irish whiskey.

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Jimmy Kimmel Went To A Farmer’s Market To Ask People If They Knew What GMOs Were

By | 10 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel once again screwed with a bunch of clueless people who had no idea what they were talking about.


LL Cool J Was Once Arrested For Humping A Couch In Georgia

By | 16 Comments

Here's the story of the time LL Cool J was arrested for humping a couch during a show in Georgia.

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Give Matt Damon A Terrible Birthday Present


Jimmy Kimmel used a kid to make Matt Damon feel bad on his birthday but it probably didn't work.


Weezer Celebrated The Release Of Their New Album By Performing On ‘Kimmel’

By | 5 Comments

Rivers and his puffy vest play a new song on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

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Dax Shepard Did A Ride Along With The LAPD To Prepare For ‘CHiPS’

By | 13 Comments

To prepare for his role as a California Highway Patrol officer in a 'CHiPS' movie, Dax Shepard tagged along with the LAPD.

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Jimmy Kimmel Asked People Who Joe Biden Is. People Do Not Know Who Joe Biden Is.


Kimmel asked people if they know who Joe Biden is. It did not go particularly well.

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