Jimmy Kimmel And Carson Kressley Gave The World’s Ugliest Dog A Makeover

Jimmy Kimmel points out that no one wants to be the "world's ugliest" anything, so he treated the World's Ugliest Dog to a makeover.


Ronda Rousey Compares Her Next Fight With Bethe Correia To ‘Rocky IV’


Ronda Rousey spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about her UFC 190 opponent, Bethe Correia.


Rob Corddry Had A Giant Crush On Kelly Ripa As A Teenager

Rob Corddry confessed to fervently watching Kelly Ripa on an '80s dance party show as a teenage boy.

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Jimmy Kimmel Found That Kids Don’t Actually Have A Hard Time With Gay Marriage


Jimmy Kimmel sent out a street team to query random children about gay marriage to see just how difficult of a concept it is for them.

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Jon Hamm Explained Why He Was Throwing Gummy Bears At Bonnaroo

Hamm gave some background as to why he and Zach Galifinakis ended up tossing gummy bears at the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian.

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Jon Hamm And Lizzy Caplan Competed For Attention In A Delightful Segment On ‘Kimmel’


Jimmy Kimmel had a rare two guest interview segment, and it went pretty well.

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Jimmy Kimmel Had People Give Their Dads Breakfast In The Shower For Father’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel wishes dads everywhere a happy Father's Day by asking people to serve them breakfast in the shower. Here's what happens.

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Jimmy Kimmel Mocked Kim Kardashian With A Letter To His Future Self


Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Kim Kardashian with his own letter to his future self, but still couldn't come up with anything dumber than hers.


Adam Scott Told Kimmel About The Time He Invited Luke Skywalker To His Birthday Party

Adam Scott loved 'Star Wars' as much as Ben Wyatt loves 'Game of Thrones.'


Adam Scott Explained Why He Had To Wear A Tiny Prosthetic Dong For ‘The Overnight’


Adam Scott told Jimmy Kimmel why not just the nudity, but prosthetics in particular were integral to the plot of his new film.

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Hannibal Buress Watched The NBA Finals From The Worst Seats In The House On ‘Kimmel’

It turns out Hannibal is hilarious in any situation, even from the nosebleeds of the NBA Finals.

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Here’s Dikembe Mutombo Raising Awareness About Wobbly Restaurant Tables On ‘Kimmel’

Dikembe Mutombo, Nick Young, and Jeremy Lin take aim at a serious restaurant issue on 'Kimmel': wobbly tables.

#2015 NBA Finals

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’ Make Fools Of These Cavaliers Fans


Let's find out how Cleveland fans feel about their team signing LeBron's cousin, Kevin James.

Kit Harington

Kit Harington Once Asked Stevie Wonder If He Had Seen ‘Game Of Thrones’


Kit Harington might be the most awkward human being on the planet Earth.

#Game of Thrones

Kit Harington Actually Got Kind Of Freaked Out Shooting With The White Walkers

Kit Harington talked to Jimmy Kimmel about how surreal it was to film the White Walkers scene in 'Hardhome.'

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These Jon Snow Impressionists Attempt To Impress Kit Harington On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Jimmy Kimmel found three 'Game of Thrones' impressionists that know something about Jon Snow.

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