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Watch Charlie Wilson And Snoop Dogg Perform ‘Infectious’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’


Charlie Wilson plays his new funky track "Infectious" with Snoop's energy right beside him.

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John Cena Opens Up About Using A Stunt Penis In ‘Trainwreck’

Clearly, John Cena believes that a stunt penis is something that should be wielded responsibly.

2015 March Madness

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Asked People On The Street Fake Questions About March Madness


Jimmy Kimmel once again proves that people are willing to totally bullcrap on camera.

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Van Halen Will Start Their Latest Tour With Their First TV Performance Together In Decades


Van Halen is hitting the road again, preparing a set of TV performances to kick of their next tour.


Maisie Williams Says She Watches ‘Game Of Thrones’ With Her 87-Year-Old Grandmother


Awkward! Maisie Williams says she used to watch 'Game of Thrones' with her entire family, including her elderly grandmother.

#SXSW 2015

Bill Murray Wore All His Own Clothes And Did His Own Makeup While Shooting ‘Meatballs’


Bill Murray basically wandered on to the set and decided to act in a movie throughout the shoot.

#SXSW 2015

Bill Murray Is Looking For His Best Friend, Rick Ross, Who ‘Better Be Dead’


The comedian is hoping to find the rapper after one chance encounter.

#SXSW 2015

Bill Murray Brought A Horse And A Mariachi Band To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ From SXSW


Bill Murray appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' at SXSW. He rode onto the stage on horseback and was accompanied by a full piece mariachi band.

#SXSW 2015

Hannibal Buress Received Death Threats After His Remarks About Bill Cosby

Hannibal Buress talks about the awkward moment when the person giving you death threats on Facebook has one mutual friend.

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Jimmy Kimmel Does Drunken Piggyback Squats With Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Inspires A Nation


If Kimmel can do squats drunk with a TV star on his back, you should feel obligated to do some sober and alone.

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Jimmy Kimmel Tricked People At SXSW Into Raving About Bands That Don’t Exist

The newest "Lie Witness News" segment found no shortage of people at SXSW willing to lie about loving bands that don't exist.

#SXSW 2015

Mean Tweets, Vomit, And President Obama: What We Learned From Jimmy Kimmel At SXSW

Jimmy Kimmel was a featured guest at SXSW. He had some interesting things to say about vomit, naturally.

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Matthew McConaughey And Jimmy Kimmel Made A Local TV Commercial For A Peculiar Business


Matthew McConaughey helped Jimmy Kimmel tape a local commercial for a plucky video store that's just alright alright.

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Watch President Obama Troll Jimmy Kimmel About The Existence Of Aliens


Obama is probably also secretly gunning for a role in the 'Independence Day' sequel.

#Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Watch President Obama Read All Of The Mean Tweets People Have Posted About Him On ‘Kimmel’


Barack Obama gets a chance to read all of the mean things said about him online in this special edition of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets.'


Liam Neeson Reads A Bedtime Story, Imparts A Valuable Lesson About Monkeys

Liam Neeson read a children's classic on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and we'll never think about those little monkeys the same way again.

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Jimmy Kimmel Made The ‘American Idol’ Judges Sample Peeps Milk


Watch as Jimmy Kimmel gets the three 'American Idol' judges to sample Peeps Milk and come to the conclusion that it actually ain't so bad.

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