4.9 The Cooler

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Claire Bella America's Shame: Confederates' Defending Slavery [The Huffington Post] Top 10 Worst Basketball Injuries [Dime] Is It Still Cool To Be Black And Proud In Hip-Hop.

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Ambassador For Hip-Hop…

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It pays to be multifaceted in this thing called rap.


John Forte – “Play My Cards For Me”

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Words By Prop Jay A bit of an unexpected sound from Mr.


2.21 The Cooler

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For Freak Something Saturday we present Mariya Sprtieva Price of Battered Rihanna Pic: $62,500 [Gawker] Preacher Creflo Dollar Signs Hip-Hop Artist [AHH] Time Mag's 25 Blogs Of 2009 [Time] NY Post Apologizes — To Some — Over Obama Cartoon [Yahoo] The White Stripes on Late [...].

wyclef jean

John Forté Gets Freed Up!

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Three days ago, I was reading a short article in Newsweek about how Bush was going to be very stingy with his pardons as he exited office (unlike Slick Willie before him).

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