Some people prefer bacon and some folks just like a side of i'gnant with their waffles and eggs. The International House Of Pancakes is place for many things besides just satisfying your stomach. You can obtain the latest scoop of your city's happenings, the digits of the cutie across the table from you and a nice, fresh ass-whooping before your blueberry short stack is on the table. In Fox News' recent attempts to be "fair and balanced" (ha!) they seem to have found themselves in between a rock and a hard fist in Sacremento, CA. After trying to cover a story of a man who was recently gunned down at an IHOP (imagine that!), he encountered an angry pack of well...whatever. When FOX40 reporter John Lobertini and photojournalist Rebecca Little approached around 4 p.m. to see if anyone wanted to talk about what happened, they were attacked. Several people pulled Little to the ground by her hair and kicked her in the face. "When I fell on the ground I was protecting myself, and then she kicked me and I was still kinda paralyzed, and I hear my reporter John say, 'get up, get up,'" said Little. Lobertini was also attacked. "I was punched on the side of my face," said Lobertini, "but it was a situation where I was trying to fight off 6 or 7 or 8 people, I can't even count them." Good luck on getting this guy to a Baptist church anytime soon. Via Fox40.