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Kevin Nottingham Presents Mama Said Knock You Out 20th Anniversary Remix Album

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<a href=""> In most circles, LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out is considered his album milestone. Personally, I'm more partial to Mr. Smith as far as the total package is concerned but it is a fact that his legendary 4th album saved the self-proclaimed G.O.A.T. from the obscurity his fellow peers went on to suffer from as Hip-Hop continued to expand. The definition of a comeback album if there ever was one, Mama Said Knock You Out displayed the tenacity of a cornered animal fighting for their credibility with Marley Marl giving one his best performances from behind the boards. Exactly 20 years to the day after it was released, <a href=""></a> is paying ultimate tribute to a vinyl staple in the MP3 era with a remix album.

ReGifted: Thrift Shop Experience

Video: John Said Add Lyrics


Obviously biased because John Public worked with us at one time, I've always admired his work (with the pen & mic) and I still play <a href="">the Thrift Shop Experience album</a> once a month on Wednesday.

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