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MSNBC Uses Photo Of Actor/Director Jon Favreau In Segment Featuring Obama Speechwriter Jon Favreau

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No offense to actor/director Jon Favreau, but I don't think he'll be making many "most eligible bachelors" lists, mainly for the fact that he's married.


The First Trailer For ‘Iron Man 3′ Is Here!

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Just a day after we <a href="">over-analyzed some Iron Man 3 screencaps</a>, the first trailer for Iron Man 3 has finally arrived.


‘Iron Man 3′ Teaser Includes First Look At The Mandarin, Gwyneth Paltrow Tied Up

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We still have to wait another day for the first trailer for Iron Man 3, but we have a teaser for the trailer to over-analyze until then.


Robert Downey Junior Is Really Pumped About These ‘Iron Man 3′ Set Photos

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We still have to wait a couple more weeks for the first trailer for 'Iron Man 3', but we have a few photos from the set to tide us over until then.


‘Iron Man 3′ Adds Yet Another Villain, Not To Be Confused With ‘Simpsons’ Character

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'Iron Man 3' already has four potential villains, so why not case Wang Xuqei as another one with the same name as a 'Simpsons' character?


'Iron Man 3' Gets Five More Actors And A Big Pile Of Money

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Iron Man 3 began shooting in North Carolina last Wednesday under the working title Caged Heat.


Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce, And Andy Lau May Play Sexy Scientists In ‘Iron Man 3′


Iron Man 3 is scheduled to start shooting in North Carolina next month and release May 3rd, 2013, so casting is being wrapped up now.


Guess Which Villain Ben Kingsley May Play In 'Iron Man 3'

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Only one of these guys has a chance of appearing in Iron Man 3.


Mickey Rourke Still Mad At Marvel Over Iron Man 2


In an interview with Crave Online about his villain role in Immortals, Mickey Rourke talked about another villain he's played, Ivan Vanko (Whiplash) in Iron Man 2.

cowboys and aliens

DADDY ISSUES! KIDS WITH DOGS! Cowboys & Aliens is like Lost with Cowboys, Aliens (Review)

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Cowboys and Aliens is an absurdist pastiche of overused action movie tropes (Bourne in the old west.


Han Solo and Chewbacca Reunited, Feuding

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This picture belongs in a museum.


A Heap Of Cowboys And Aliens Clips Plus A Freddie Wong Video


Today we have several trailers and clips from Cowboys & Aliens, which may secretly be "a $140 million dollar adaptation of a Far Side Cartoon" as page Scott Mitchell Rosenberg graphic novel published by Platinum Studios in 2006 (which they <a href="../2010/11/the-epic-scam-behind-cowboys-and-aliens">paid</a> comic book stores to stock at the time), but just look at that Gary Larson comic.


GammaSquad Giveaway: Cowboys And Aliens Swag (Plus a Clip)

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UPDATE: Comment #5 (That's you, essequemodeia) won.

cowboys and aliens

Extended trailer for Cowboys & Aliens & Explosions & Velociraptors & Boobs

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The new extended trailer for Cowboys and Aliens premiered the other night on Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards and I missed it, probably because I'd rather watch my grandma's cakefarts video than regular Spike programming.


Cowboys And Aliens Extended Trailer

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There's a new trailer for the bracelet, then sh-t gets real and aliens kidnap Harrison Ford's son and Sam Rockwell's wife.


The Project Favreau Left Iron Man for: Some Night at the Museum Thing

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When I reported on Jon Favreau not coming back for Iron Man 3 yesterday, I wasn't that sad about it.


Jon Favreau Won’t Direct Iron Man 3

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According to <a href="" target="_blank">Vulture</a>, Jon Favreau has just told Marvel that he won't be directing Iron Man 3.

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