‘The Mandalorian’ Concept Art Has Fans Freaking Out About Their Favorite Frog-Eating Character

The Mandalorian‘s first episode had a huge reveal at the end that may change the Star Wars universe in a considerable way. But the size of that reveal has made fan art of that character all the more adorable.

Spoilers incoming if you haven’t gotten Disney+ and watched the first two episodes, but it appears the show’s first season will circle around the fate of 50-year-old Yoda, who ages at a much slower pace and thus is a baby in an adorable floating carriage. Baby Yoda does some impressive force-using in the show’s second episode, then needs a considerable nap to recover.

But we do see him out and about in The Child, including a hilarious bit where he eats some kind of frog-like lizard thing. Blocking this scene is probably where the adorable concept art that director Jon Favreau shared likely comes from. The Mandalorian head shared the image on Twitter on Tuesday that got Star Wars fans freaking out about how adorable a Baby Yoda is, even in non-puppet form.

It does need to be said how movie-like The Mandalorian looks, which is a rare feat for even big-budget TV shows. And this image of Yoda does look remarkably cute.

The Mandalorian seems to agree with this particular sentiment, as would a lot of other people on Twitter.

Sharing that image was especially fruitful, as a similar shot from the show became a bit of a meme.

What we’re getting at here is that everyone watching wants more Baby Yoda, and hopefully after that nap he’ll be ready for more screen time in the coming episodes.