So Jon Gruden And The Hooters Girls Made A Commercial Together

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Let's not mince words here people---this is an important video with Jon Gruden and the Hooters girls.


Frank Caliendo Invaded Jon Gruden’s QB Camp To Do The One Funny Thing He Does

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It was only a matter of time before ESPN's funnyman Frank Caliendo stopped by 'Gruden QB Camp' to do his impression of the coach.


With Leather’s Watch This: Jon Gruden Has All The QB Answers For Us

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With just two weeks left until the 2013 NFL Draft begins, we’re in desperate need of a talking head who can tell us all about what a quarterback needs to succeed in professional football.


On Its 30th Birthday, Hooters Is Going Straight Edge With A Family Makeover

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As we learned during Saturday’s UFC on FX 7 live discussion, Dana White’s empire has once again teamed with the restaurant franchise Hooters to make it the official watch party location for the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, which debuts tonight at 8 PM on FX.


Frank Caliendo Is Still Hilarious, You Guys

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As regular readers may know, With Leather moonlights as a Frank Caliendo fan site.


10.25 The Cooler

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Christina Santini Big Shoulders: Derrick Rose, Benji Wilson & The Love Of A City [Grantland] A Very Important ‘Zooey Deschanel Boob Fight’ GIF [Warming Glow] The 7 Bands That Won CMJ Music Marathon 2012 [Uproxx] Federal Prosecutors Sue Bank of America Over Mortgage Program [NY Times] 10 Unlikely World Series Heroes [Yardbarker] M.


Tony Sparano Has Faith In The Housing Market

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  It would be beyond obvious to say that things aren’t going well for the Miami Dolphins.


10.20 The Cooler

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Vinese Ross 'The Dark Knight Rises' Prologue Attached To IMAX 'MI4' [NJ.com] The Periodic Table Of Swearing [BroBible] John Lennon's Tooth To Be Auctioned Off [Prefix] Tina Knowles Says Bey Craves Waffles & Knows What She Is Having [TUD] Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed At Hearing, Probation [...].


THIS GUY! Heading To San Fran Or Cleveland, Says Son

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Jon Gruden might return to an NFL sideline, but according to a very close source, it won't be for another year.



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Vinny Cerrato has left his post as vice president of football operations for the Washington Danielskins, and was replaced (rather quickly) by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers (two Cs, one N, two Es) GM Bruce Allen.


5.19 The Cooler

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Jenna & The Twins For Titillating Tuesday A Reunited Pharcyde Discuss Breakups, Make-Ups And J Dilla [Pop & Hiss] GOD? PLEASE KILL HASBRO, KTHXBAI. [Film Drunk] First Swine Flu, Now Drug Violence – Mexico, You’re Being a Bad Neighbor [F-Listed] Kenyon Martin's Style Is [...].



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Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden was fired last week, and at least one person isn't too broken up about it.

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