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The Daily Show Took On The NCAA And Player Unions With Photoshops Of Stalin


Jon Stewart and The Daily Show took on the weird disparity between the NCAA having tons of money and players not having enough money to eat.


Here’s Jon Stewart’s Touching Goodbye To David Letterman And Congratulations To Stephen Colbert


Watch Jon Stewart's praise David Letterman and congratulate Stephen Colbert over the big Late Show news.


Jon Stewart Didn’t Want The Undertaker’s Streak To End Like That Either

By | 23 Comments

Daily Show host Jon Stewart expressed his displeasure with how the Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker match ended at WrestleMania 30. Join the club, buddy.


Jon Stewart Suggests That CNN Look For Flight 370 'Up Their Own A$%hole'

By | 3 Comments

CNN has been looking for Flight 370 for weeks now. Jon Stewart knows where it is.

game of thrones

Peter Dinklage Watched Your Red Wedding Reaction Videos, And He Took Great Pleasure In Your Misery

By | 10 Comments

Peter Dinklage talks to Jon Stewart about 'Game of Thrones' and 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' on 'The Daily Show.'

campaign ads

Jon Stewart Introduced The World To #McConnelling And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

By | 129 Comments

Crusty old politician? Check. Campaign ad ready for mockery? Double Check!

daily show

Jon Stewart Spanks Fox News For Essentially Cheering For Putin And Russia To Embarrass Obama And America

By | 19 Comments

If you've watched Fox News lately, you know that Putin has balls of steel while Obama is a bowl of fat-free pudding, basically. Jon Stewart has had enough.


Liam Neeson Returns To ‘The Daily Show’ To Discuss His New Movie And Love Of Horse-Drawn Carriages

By | 5 Comments

Liam Neeson stops by 'The Daily Show' to talk about his new film, and to argue for horse and carriages in New York City? Why not.


Jon Stewart Recalls The Time He Cleaned Up The Vomit Of A Punk Rock Legend

By | 2 Comments

"It was the first time I've ever held a gun in a non-structured environment. There was an off-duty cop there." Jon Stewart was a hardcore punk.

daily show

Jon Stewart Doesn’t Get Why ‘Self-Appointed Patriots’ Have Their Panties In A Wad Over That Coke Ad

By | 11 Comments

"They’re singing ‘America the Beautiful’ while drinking Coca-Cola. How much more American assimilation can they be?" -- Jon Stewart

bill o'reilly

The ‘Daily Show’ Delivered Another One Of Its Patented Fox News Takedowns Last Night

By | 68 Comments

This is one of the more blistering Fox News take downs the Daily Show has done in a while. Well worth watching, in other words.


Watch ‘The Daily Show’s’ Touching Philip Seymour Hoffman Tribute During The Moment Of Zen

By | 3 Comments

Jon Stewart closed last night's The Daily Show on a heartfelt and extremely somber note.


Jon Stewart Made All The Easy Southern Jokes While Eviscerating Atlanta’s Snowmageddon Last Night

By | 11 Comments

The Daily Show gave Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal all the sh*t they deserve last night.

calling bullshit

Jon Stewart On The GOP’s Promise Of Bipartisanship: ‘Total Bullsh*t’

By | 44 Comments

Last night's Daily Show featured a classic Jon Stewart evisceration of Republicans who claim they're interesting in working with the president.


Louis C.K. Told Jon Stewart About The Time His Website Was Nothing But Porn

By | 4 Comments

Louis CK's "new" movie comes out today, and he was on "The Daily Show" to discuss it.


Watch Nathan Lane, Tim Gunn & The ‘Jersey Boys’ Cast Beg Sean Hannity Not To Leave NYC On The Daily Show

By | 17 Comments

Sean Hannity is threatening to leave NYC. So the Daily Show put together something to convince him to stay starring Nathan Lane, Time Gunn & the Jersey Boys cast.

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