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Jonah Hill Needs To Shut Up According To Jonah Hill On Letterman

By | 11 Comments

Jonah Hill talks too much and it's finally come to bite him in the ass according to this Letterman interview


Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Want You To Get Them Drunk

By | 2 Comments

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill have vowed to take a shot of Jack for every million views that Tatum's Volvo ad spoof gets before December 15.


Watch Jonah Hill try to talk through his huge fake teeth in the new Wolf of Wall Street trailer

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To commemorate their new Christmas Day release date (read: Oscar eligible!) for Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, Paramount has released a new trailer, featuring all the wealth porn of the first trailer with even more of Jonah Hill trying to talk around his enormous teeth.


The Highs And Really Highs Of 'The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco'

By | 102 Comments

Last night's Comedy Central Roast of James Franco seemed to be very well received, as the comedians in attendance were hilarious and brutal.


Ten Of The Best Jokes From The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco

By | 28 Comments

The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco taped last night at Culver Studios. We've collected ten of our favorite jokes along with pictures and GIFs.


Kurt Russell’s Son, Wyatt, Is Joining The Cast Of 22 Jump Street

By | 16 Comments

Lost in all the comic book movie <a href="" target="_blank">news at Comic Con 2013</a> was the revelation that <a href="" target="_blank">the sequel to Channing Tatum’s comedy hit</a>, 21 Jump Street, is not only still happening (and on pace for a June 13, 2014 release) but it will be called 22 Jump Street, <a href="" target="_blank">because as co-director Phil Lord explained</a>, the undercover operation “moves across the street.


Comedy Central Announced The Complete (And Awesome) Dais For The James Franco Roast

By | 42 Comments

In addition to the names that were announced last week, Aziz Ansari and Andy Samberg will join the dais for the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.


The Dais For The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco Is Pretty Great

By | 24 Comments

While Seth Rogen was already announced as the roastmaster, the dais for the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco will include Jonah Hill and Bill Hader.


FaceMashups Has Discovered How To Make Jennifer Lawrence Hideous


Jonah Hill and Jennifer Lawrence, together at last in a terrifying mashup.

dwarf tossing

Chimps, Women, and Dwarf-Tossing, the Wolf of Wall Street has a Trailer

By | 46 Comments

Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street just dropped a trailer, and dare I say it, Leonardo DiCaprio is dangerously close to being forever typecast as the fabulously wealthy playboy with a private fleet of yachts, women, and money.


Here Are 10 ‘This Is The End’ GIFs That Further Support The Notion That It Is A Good Movie

By | 7 Comments

In case Michael "What's up, Rihanna?" Cera in the trailer didn't already sell you.


James Franco’s ‘This Is The End’ Mural Is Not Very Flattering To Jonah Hill

By | 8 Comments

Jonah Hill is a little bummed out about being depicted as a morphine addict from Picasso's blue period


Here Are Two More Clips For ‘This Is The End’

By | 8 Comments

Every time that I see a new trailer, clip or TV spot for This is the End, I become quite worried that I’m going to arrive at the theater to see this meta apocalyptic comedy, with my fancy dungarees pressed and an elegant lady of the night on my arm, and it’s going to suck because it’s just one long inside joke between the guys in Seth Rogen’s and James Franco’s little gang.


TRAILER: McBride, Rogen, and Franco vs. the apocalypse in ‘This is the End’

By | 29 Comments

The bloom might be off the rose a bit for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg as screenwriters (Superbad, Pineapple Express) ever since Green Hornet and The Watch, but they seem like they're back in their comfort zone in this red-band trailer for This is the End - <a href="" target="_blank">formerly</a> Jay and Seth Vs.


CNN, Jonah Hill, and the Tale of the Most Asinine Story Ever Covered

By | 32 Comments

If the 24-hour news cycle wasn't a joke before, it certainly is now.


We’re Not Sure We Want To Live In A World Where Jonah Hill And Don Lemon Are Feuding On Twitter

By | 17 Comments

CNN anchor Don Lemon and actor Jonah Hill got into a Twitter pissing match last night. How could Jesus let such a thing happen?


Django Unchained Trailer: Now with more gladiators and Jonah Hill

By | 50 Comments

What with Looper, The Master, Argo, Seven Psychopaths, and all the other must-see movies hitting the theaters in the past month, you may have forgotten all the hype for Tarantino and Django Unchained.


Jonah Hill took pictures of a lady's placenta

By | 21 Comments

Jonah Hill's weight may fluctuate, but one thing that never wanes is his intellectual curiousity.


Neighborhood Watch trades Trayvon similarities for dubstep and ice cream

By | 7 Comments

You may remember that back in March, Fox <a href="" target="_blank">pulled their promos</a> for Neighborhood Watch, a Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn/Jonah Hill comedy being directed by the Lonely Island's Akiva Shaffer, at least in Florida, as a result of similarities between that trailer and the Trayvon Martin shooting.

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