Trinidad Jame$

Trinidad Jame$ – “Females Welcomed” Video

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Trinidad Jame$ goes to the islands in the Jonathan Mannion-directed video for "Females Welcomed," one of the standouts songs from Don’t Be S.

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6.20 The Cooler

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Alice Goodwin Do People Have More Sex During The Summer.


Jonathan Mannion & Mick Boogie Recreate “Paul’s Boutique” Cover For New Beastie Boys Tribute

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If there was ever any one person I could pick to shoot my album artwork, it would be <a href="">Jonathan Mannion</a>.


Respect The Shooter: Jonathan Mannion

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<a href="">Leica Camera's</a> turns the focus on <a href="">Jonathan Mannion</a>, well-known photographer of all things Hip-Hop culture.

Two And A Half Men

6.29 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Xianne Los Angeles Schools Shift Away From Homework <a href="">[Time]</a> How To Make The Perfect Burger <a href="">[Best Bites]</a> MySpace To Be Sold for Scrap <a href="">[Gawker]</a> Ron Artest To Play In Finland.


TDK’s “Life On Record Chronicles” With Nas

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<a href=""> After <a href="">the preliminary clip</a>, TDK releases the full "Life On Record" segment with Nasir.

TDK Life on Record Chronicles

5 Questions About Mixtapes With TDK Chronicles & Gotty™

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<a href=""> A few months ago, I was asked to share my memories and stories as a part of TDK's "Life On Record" project. I didn't get <a href="">the video treatment Nas got</a> but I feel completely honored to be involved and had a great time reminiscing about pushing 'boxes together to make tapes, my thought processes as a young yardie/wannabe DJ and all of the aspects of what music once was to me.

TDK Life on Record Chronicles

Do You Remember Cassette Tapes?

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<a href=""> Nas does and the clip below is the trailer for a short film on his and others' experiences surrounding childhood mixtapes as a part of the <a href="">TDK Life on Record Chronicles</a> film series, which pays tribute to the days of cassette tapes and the anatomy of the mixtape.

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