Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Directorial Debut ‘Don Jon’ Is A Fist-Pumping Good Time

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt already debuted his full-length writing and directing debut, Don Jon (<a href="" target="_blank">formerly Don Jon's Addiction</a>), at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to solid reviews, but most of us simple folk hadn’t seen much of it until the first trailer was revealed yesterday.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Returning To TV To Host A Variety Show

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is returning to TV to host a variety show, on a new cable network called pivot, based on his collaborative website hitReCord.


The Best Of The ‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt Working Out’ Photoshop Challenge

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Check out a collection of the best Joseph Gordon-Levitt working out Photoshops made by Redditors.

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Eva Green Is Sin City’s Dame To Kill For, And Julia Garner Is A Stripper

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Eva Green and Julia Garner sign on to 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For'. We're sure you'll be shocked to learn they're playing a femme fatale and a stripper.

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Jessica Alba Will Be Doing Much More Exotic Dancing In ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’

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Jessica Alba talks about her arduous preparations for playing an exotic dancer in 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For'. We react with GIFs.


Bruce Willis, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, And More Join ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’

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Robert Rodriguez talks about new castmembers added to 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' and gives more information on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character.


'Godzilla' Remake Is Starting To Look As Disastrous As Its Titular Beast


'Godzilla' gains one producer and loses two, possibly gaining a lawsuit. Plus a new writer signs for yet another rewrite and casting options are rumored.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Takes Johnny Depp's Scraps In 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For'

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Christopher Meloni have signed to 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For'.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Michael Rosenbaum Are The Newest Contenders For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt ('The Dark Knight Rises') and Michael Rosenbaum ('Smallville') audition to play the lead in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'.


'Gotham High' Parody Masterfully Re-casts Batman Characters In A '90s Teen Movie

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'Gotham High' uses clips from earlier roles of the actors in Nolan's Batman trilogy to make a fake teen movie parody.


Lincoln Review: Spielberg’s best movie in years, but is it any good?

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Steven Spielberg is in full Amistad mode in Lincoln, and if nothing else, it's nice to have his take on history once again unhoofed from a magical pony.

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Review: Looper

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In the Future, Miatas are Cool Okay, first things first, Looper is a really hard film to review.

We’re Really Excited For ‘Looper’ So Here Are Some Funny Tweets About ‘Looper’

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Hopefully they'll be enough to hold us over until the GIFs and memes are here.


SNL: The Hypnotist


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a master hypnotist.


‘SNL’ Recap: Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Mumford & Sons

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A recap of the season 38 episode of "SNL," with host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and musical guest Mumford & Sons.


SNL: Tres Equis (Pt. 2)


The son of the most interesting man in the world doesn't exactly live up to his father's legacy.


SNL: Tres Equis (Pt. 1)


The son of the most interesting man in the world doesn't exactly live up to his father's legacy.

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