The iPod Shuffle – K-Ci’s “If You Think You’re Lonely Now”

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An act of iconic text message trolling inspired this Shuffle.

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When Mary J. Blige & K-Ci’s Tumultuous Love Story Went Live

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An old head once told me, "A lot relationships are just like your favorite foods.


Depression Sets In II: 5 Songs Describing The NBA Lockout

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Remember when I said about a month ago we hit rock bottom with the NBA lockout.


PoV: K-Ci, The Crowd-Pleaser

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The homie JRems sent this photo from a show he attended last night & I'm completely unsure where to start in my analysis.


Long Live The Mad Band

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It's well understood TSS is 75% Hip-Hop, 15% slam dunk footage and the remaining 10% is whatever the hell else happens to float across our collective minds at a given moment.


“If You Think You’re Lonely Now…”

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K-Ci and Jo-Jo somehow got booked to do a show in Australia and insanity ensues.

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