All The ‘Mallrats’ Quotes Kevin Smith Fans Are Still Repeating

By | 21 Comments

You can go an entire day speaking only in 'Mallrats' quotes


Kevin Smith And Randal Have Some Important News About Clerks 3 And Sh*t

By | 90 Comments

Kevin Smith and Randal had some important news about Clerks 3, and of course we got Kevin Smith's #1 hater to write it up.


Kevin Smith Looks Weird After Shaving Off His Signature Beard

By | 30 Comments

Kevin Smith shaved his beard for his newest movie, 'Yoga Hosers' and now we can all stare into the abyss together.


A Brief History Of Kevin Smith’s Feuds

By | 31 Comments

Kevin Smith doesn't hold back his nerd rage when it comes to beefing with Hollywood.


How ‘Clerks’ Still Offers A Relevant Look At Retail Hell 20 Years Later

By | 31 Comments

To honor 'Clerks' on its 20th anniversary, we're showing some love for its still relevant take on the hell of working in retail.


AMC Is Ditching Almost All Of Its Unscripted And Reality Programming

By | 31 Comments

AMC has decided to refocus on their scripted television, giving the boot to almost all of their reality programming.

#Star Wars: Episode VII

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Set Photo Shows They’re Serious About Stopping Spoilers


J.J. Abrams is serious about keeping the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' mystery box unopened, as this picture from the set demonstrates.


Frotcast 223: Zero Theorem And Tusk With Andrew Roberts

By | 7 Comments

We invited an Australian on to talk about Terry Gilliam.


Kevin Smith Has His Funding For ‘Clerks III’ Because ‘Tusk’ Was A ‘Success’

By | 41 Comments

Despite a very light performance at the box office thus far, Kevin Smith claims 'Tusk' has earned his funding for 'Clerks III.'


Frotcast 222: The Frotcast Reunites For ‘Bill And Ted’ And Kentucky Child Names

By | 13 Comments

The whole crew is back in the Frotquarters to talk Bill Simmons, Bill and Ted, and baby names of Kentucky.


Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ Makes A Strong Case For An Intervention

By | 118 Comments

'Tusk' will probably not appeal to anyone outside of the smodbubble.

#Fascinating Facts

Everything You May Not Know About Kevin Smith’s Viewaskew Universe

By | 35 Comments

Prepare yourself for Kevin Smith's walrus movie 'Tusk' with a look behind the movies that make up his Viewaskew universe.


Kevin Smith, Johnny Depp, And Their Daughters To Team Up For ‘Yoga Hosers’

By | 45 Comments

Kevin Smith has big plans for Johnny Depp and his daughter to do some stuff he came up with when he was super high.


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘It Felt Like Love,’ ‘Airplane,’ ‘Divergent,’ ‘Noah,’ And Other Stuff

By | 17 Comments

Lots of new titles on Netflix Instant and Streaming this week, and you better watch 'Airplane!' a few more times before it's gone.


Check Out The Trailer For The Documentary About The Failure Of Nic Cage’s Superman

By | 24 Comments

The documentary 'The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?' tries to figure out what went wrong with Tim Burton's take on Superman.

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