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Of Course Kevin Smith Is Getting In On The Krampus Fad

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Kevin Smith's retirement continues apace with yet another movie.


Kevin Smith’s Human Walrus Horror ‘Tusk’ Is Going Wider Than Smith Himself

By | 13 Comments

Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' -- in which Justin Long is forcibly altered into a walrus man by Michael Parks -- is getting a wide theatrical release this Fall.


Kevin Smith Is Unretiring To Make A Musical. Why God, Why?

By | 32 Comments

Chareth Cutestory tries to get through the latest Kevin Smith news without having a coronary. Given all the fat jokes, beating Kevin Smith to a heart attack would be the ultimate irony.


The Kevin Smith Update: Behold! Kevin Smith’s Walrus-Man

By | 30 Comments

Our favorite Kevin Smith hater, Chareth Cutestory, breaks down Smith's latest reveal from Tusk, his walrus-man hybrid movie.


Kevin Smith Snuck A Peek At Ben Affleck In His Bat-Costume And Liked What He Saw

By | 37 Comments

Kevin Smith has been checking out Ben Affleck in his new spandex outfit...


‘Batman Versus Superman’ Casting News, Fan Event Video, And Lex Luthor Update

By | 14 Comments

Two rumored roles in 'Batman Versus Superman' are lining up actors, and Zach Snyder drops a confirmation about Lex Luthor in this fan event video.


Kevin Smith Mortgages House To Make “Walrus Man: based on the Podcast HURR, by DURR.”

By | 48 Comments

VINCE'S NOTE: The views expressed by the commenter known to me only as Chareth Cutestory in no way reflect the reviews of FilmDrunk, except that I find his irrational Kevin Smith hatred endlessly entertaining.


Kevin Smith’s Human Walrus Horror ‘Tusk’ Moves Forward With Justin Long And Michael Parks

By | 5 Comments

Kevin Smith's 'Tusk', a horror movie he likened to a cuddly 'Human Centipede', gets a production start date and lead stars Justin Long and Michael Parks.

comic-con 2013

Kevin Smith Wrote A Script About A Guy Being Forcibly Altered Into A Walrus

By | 21 Comments

Kevin Smith updates us on 'Tusk', his horror script in the vein of 'The Human Centipede' where a man is kidnapped and surgically altered in walrus fashion.


Grant Morrison Explains Batman’s Life In A Few Visually-Stimulating Minutes

By | 9 Comments

Grant Morrison talked about his method for handling Batman's backstory, and a fan set the audio to the appropriate visual element from the comics.


First Draft of Clerks 3 Is Done, Announces Kevin Smith No Doubt Breathlessly

By | 29 Comments

I have no special ill-will towards Kevin Smith, and I've even liked a couple of his movies.


The Comment of the Week: Kevin Smith Smells Edition.

By | 27 Comments

Kevin Smith fans came out in numbers to poopoo<a href="" target="_blank"> Chareth's attack on that "dirigible"</a> of a filmmaker's arrogance.


Of Course Kevin Smith Ate A 21,000 Calorie Sandwich

By | 26 Comments

"Clerks" director Kevin Smith recently attempted to eat a 21,000 calorie sandwich called the Burly Beaver for Epic Meal Time. It's grosser than it sounds.


Clerks 3 Is Also A Fan-Sourced E-Book Now Because F*ck You

By | 73 Comments

So it’s a Monday afternoon and I’m drinking in bed because I’m a grown-ass man and you’re not the boss of me, when suddenly an iPhone buzz announces an email from Vince.


The Nic Cage-starring, Kevin Smith/Tim Burton-made Superman Film That Never Was

By | 28 Comments

If this isn't your first time on the internet, chances are you've come across at some point the picture of a stoned-ass Nic Cage wearing a Superman suit over his pooka necklace, or that<a href="" target="_blank"> video of Kevin Smith</a> talking about the time a producer Jon Peters wanted him to write a Superman with three conditions: I don't wanna see him fly, he doesn't wear that f*cking suit, and he has to fight a giant spider in the third act.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Jeremy Renner Eats Matt Damon’s Table Scraps

By | 18 Comments

We're getting closer to Christmas, and Hollywood has something for everyone to stuff in their stocking this week, assuming everyone wants The Bourne Legacy, Ted, or Ice Age: Continental Drift.


Kevin Smith Is Retiring And Sh*t???

By | 101 Comments

I'll be honest, folks, Kevin Smith news bores me a bit.

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