Lamar Odom, Godzilla Renew Vows

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The other day we discussed the wonder of marriage and how Los Angeles Lakers forward and Twizzlers fanatic Lamar Odom and his famous-because-her-sister-made-an-amateur-porn-with-Brandy’s-talentless-brother wife Khloe Kardashian were still crazier than ever for each other as they celebrated their first anniversary.


Happy Anniversary, Lamar And Khloe!!1!

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In news only Satan’s bookkeeper cares about, Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom and his wookie wife Khloe Kardashian celebrated their one-year anniversary yesterday, and I imagine it featured a hot tub full of gravy and the last remnants of an endangered species being swallowed whole.


You Can Smell Like Lamar And Khloe

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Have you been looking for a fragrance for your wife or girlfriend and thought, “If only there was a perfume that we could wear together as a tribute to our favorite F-list celebrity couple”.


Lamar Gets TV Show, Loses Respect

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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have been married for nearly a year now, and thankfully, they haven't gotten on my nerves during that time.


This Week In Chicks Who Bang Athletes

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They say the mark of a truly great sporting event is the ability to leave people talking about it after it’s over.

Reality TV

Godzilla Leaves Miami

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This is the new trailer for the upcoming season of E.


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Who’s Better: The Celtics or Lakers?

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Big things are expected out of the Lakers and Celtics this season.

Style Kicks and Gear

Khloe, Don’t Ruin The Dynasty

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If Lamar Odom suffers from a slow start, the media will most likely give him the Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson treatment.


Andrew Bynum Talks About The Lakers Repeating, His All-Star Quest And The Paparazzi

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Andrew Bynum's game has come so far since he entered the league out of high school in 2005.


Lamar Odom jumps the broom; Is LeBron James out for Team USA?

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Is it bad that we're still waiting for Lamar Odom to reveal this whole marrying-a-Kardashian thing is part of some giant prank.



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If you were one of the lucky few that secured an invite to Lamar Odom's bachelor party scheduled for last night, we offer our condolences.


Update: Lamar Odom’s Bachelor Party Just Got Crazier

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Yesterday we told you that we heard Lamar Odom hired Joe Francis — the guy who made "Girls Gone Wild" famous — to throw his bachelor party tonight, and asked the question: Who would you want to plan your ultimate party? Well, in case you were wondering what's going down at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood tonight, here's what the flyer says: Drinks, DJ, Stripper Poles, Midgets & Tons of Candy.


Today’s Headline: “Well I Know Lamar Odom, He’s Not A Dumb Guy”

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All I can say is that this is where the Lakers miss an outspoken locker room leader like Shaq.

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9.12 The Cooler

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