Gorilla Zoe – “What’s Going On” x “I Do It” Videos


Equipped with a larger-than-life ego but humble outlook on life, Gorilla Zoe is still stomping through the concrete jungle of Atlanta as King Kong, his alter-ego and third studio LP.


Gorilla Zoe – “Work” Video

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<a href="">Gorilla Zoe's</a> still out here grindin', putting his stamp on his product and continually pushing it to the masses.


Gorilla Zoe – “Work Hard”


After over half a decade in the game, it pretty much goes without saying Gorilla Zoe puts in work everywhere.


Gorilla Zoe Feat. Lil Jon – “Twisted” Video

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<a href=""> I'm sure no sane mind out there would object if <a href="">Gorilla Zoe</a> decided to turn the club into his own private jungle romper room.


Gorilla Zoe Feat. Lil Jon – “Twisted”

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While I can't speak for the hoes per se, <a href="">Gorilla Zoe's</a> beats haven't stopped steady knockin' since he made a name for himself with "<a href="">Hood N*gga</a>.

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