Here’s How NBA History Would’ve Changed If Kobe Bryant Went To The Washington Wizards In 2004

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Kobe wanted to play for the Wizards here's what that would have changed around the NBA


Take A Look At The 2015 NBA All-Star Game’s Starters

By | 39 Comments

Five first-time starters make the cut for the 2015 NBA All Star Game. Did your picks make the cut?


Kobe Bryant’s Latest Injury May Be Bring His Season To An Early End

By | 16 Comments

A shoulder injury could mean the end of the Lakers star's season


Why The Lakers Might Shut Down Kobe Bryant For The Rest Of The Season

By | 10 Comments

Byron Scott wants to wait a little while longer to let the season marinate a bit before making any rash decisions.


Now We Have Visual Proof For Why Kobe Bryant Curses Out His Teammates During Practice

By | 38 Comments

Jeremy Lin inadvertently pissed Kobe Bryant off near the end of last night's Lakers' game.

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This Angry Laker Fan Drove 35 Miles On Christmas Day To Defend Kobe Bryant’s Twitter Honor

By | 2 Comments

A Twitter fight about Kobe Bryant got super serious on Christmas and one man wanted to brawl over it.

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Here’s Reggie Miller Absolutely Trashing Kobe Bryant In An Interview

By | 34 Comments

Reggie Miller had some strong thoughts when asked about Michael Jordan-Kobe Bryant comparisons.


Watch Kobe Bryant Pass Michael Jordan On The All-Time Scoring List

By | 13 Comments

Kobe Bryant everyone, arguably the greatest scorer in NBA history.

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Kobe Bryant Unleashed His Wrath On Teammates, Calling Them ‘Soft Like Charmin’ In A Spectacular Must-See Rant

By | 7 Comments

Kobe completely lost his mind today in practice and swore at teammates. Here's the video.


Nike Has A Special Pair Of Kicks Planned For When Kobe Passes Jordan In Scoring

By | 8 Comments

Nike's set to honor Kobe Bryant with shoe once he passes Michael Jordan in all-time scoring.

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NBA Announcer Rick Fox Had An Unfortunate Hot Mic Moment And Talked About Someone’s Genitals

By | 4 Comments

Oh no Rick Fox. The NBA commentator got caught with his microphone on and said some things he shouldn't have.

Sports bloopers

Watch Kobe Bryant Pull Up From 35 Feet And Airball For No Damn Reason At All

By | 10 Comments

Kobe tried to play hero ball against the Mavs. It didn't go well.

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