The ‘Seinfeld’ Cast Reunited At Tom’s Restaurant For A Super Bowl Commercial

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The "Seinfeld" cast reunited for a Super Bowl commercial about nothing.


Larry David Is Totally Awake And Excited About The New York Knicks


TV's Larry David is not afraid to yawn like a dinosaur, as seen in this Vine from Monday's New York Knicks overtime.


Did Jerry, George, & Larry David Have A Mini ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion At Tom’s Restaurant Today?

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Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were seen walking into Tom’s Restaurant (known as Monk’s on Seinfeld) this morning.


10 Fascinating Facts About The Much-Maligned ‘Seinfeld’ Series Finale

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A quick look back at one of the most popular, and least well liked, series finales of all time.


Watch Larry David, Amy Poehler, Aaron Paul, And More Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On ‘Kimmel’

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For the fifth installment that ran last night we're treated to so, so many UPROXX favorites.


How Larry David’s Courtside Demeanor Mimics The Knicks

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Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Seinfeld creator Larry David was sitting courtside in Madison Square Garden on Sunday when the Spurs blew out the Knicks by 31 points.


Kanye West: ‘I’m The Black Larry David’

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The pitch for Kanye West's failed "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-style show began with one of the greatest quotes ever.


Larry David’s ‘Clear History’ Has Three New Clips

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On Saturday night, HBO will air the new original film Clear History, starring Larry David, Bill Hader, Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Philip Baker Hall, Eva Mendes, JB Smoove and Danny McBride, and I assume that all of us comedy nerds are going to laugh ourselves into dorky slumber.

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Larry David’s Visit To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Was One Long Super Casual Stand-Up Act

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Which is tremendous because no one wants to hear Larry David talk about how great it was working with so and so.


Worlds Collide! 10 Well-Known Television Actors Who Have Directed Lousy, Forgettable Feature Films

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You may love them on the small screen, but they don't belong behind the camera.


Here Is The Trailer For Jon Hamm And Larry David's 'Clear History' (And The Morning Links)

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Jon Hamm and Larry David are just two of the amazing actors that makes up the cast for the HBO movie, 'Clear History.'


Larry David's 'Clear History' looks like Curb Your Enthusiasm, basically

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Stop me if you've heard this one before: Larry David plays a put-upon schlub whose commitment to honesty and lack of social grace constantly get him into embarrassing situations, and find him breaking down the definitions of basic figures of speech.


Larry David Looks Super-Weird In The Trailer For His Star-Studded New HBO Movie, ‘Clear History’

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HBO has released the first trailer for their star-studded upcoming movie, "Clear History." Larry David looks weird.

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Larry David Wrote A New York Times Op-Ed About Terrorism And Moms

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Larry David, of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fame, wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times about his mother defending him as a terrorist.


QoTD: Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

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Pic: spyonpea Turkey will always be the Thanksgiving Table's BMOC.

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