Which Rapper Has The Largest Vocabulary? This Handy Chart Has The Answer.

By | 17 Comments

Have you ever wondered which hip-hop artists have the largest vocabularies? Now there's a chart for that!

Drake As Lil Wayne As Steve Urkel On ‘SNL’ Is All That Matters

By | 4 Comments

Watch video of Drake as Urkel from this week's "Saturday Night Live."


Lil Wayne Fan Might Be On Drugs


This guy had fun at the Lil Wayne concert in Oklahoma City.

#music news

Run–D.M.C.’s DMC Thinks Jay-Z & Lil Wayne ‘Ain’t Hot,’ Says We’ve All Been Brainwashed

By | 6 Comments

Run–D.M.C.'s DMC has a lot to say about the likes of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, none of it positive.


What We Know About Jay-Z’s Super-Secret ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’

By | 21 Comments

"Magna Carta Holy Grail" has been a big secret. But here are ten things we know about Jay-Z's latest project.

american flag

Lil Wayne Did Not Mean To Desecrate The Flag

By | 6 Comments

After people became outraged that he stepped and walked on an American flag in his video shoot, rapper Lil Wayne issued an apology on Facebook to clarify.

Jay Pharoah’s Impression Of Lil Wayne Is Absolutely Perfect

By | 11 Comments

It's no secret that Jay Pharoah is very good at impressions. But his Lil Wayne impression is some next level sh*t.

make it stop

Lil Wayne Signed Paris Hilton To His Record Label Just Like ‘Revelations’ Said He Would

By | 10 Comments

Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne are making music together because we don't deserve nice things.

Lil Wayne

Who Is The Best ‘Best Rapper Alive’?

By | 28 Comments

Answering the eternal question: who is the best rapper alive?

kill it with fire

Limp Bizkit Is Back With A New D*ck-Swinging Song About Saving Rock ‘N’ Roll

By | 36 Comments

Listen to the first single, "Ready to Go," from Limp Bizkit's comeback album, Stampede of the Disco Elephants, featuring a comatose Lil Wayne.


Lil Wayne’s Sizzurp Seizure Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

By | 3 Comments

The folks behind the Taiwanese Animation Treatment videos have an interesting take on Lil Wayne's seizure.


R.I.P. Lil Wayne (Or Not): Explaining What Happened To Weezy Via GIFs

By | 32 Comments

Last night, it was reported that Lil Wayne was on his death bed...until it turned out he was fine. Here's a breakdown of what happened, via Weezy GIFs.


Donald Trump Tweeting Lil Wayne Lyrics Is The Vortex Of Suck

By | 2 Comments

So this happened on Twitter today. Yes, Donald Trump actually tweeted out a Lil Wayne lyric. But he claims his account was hacked.


We Now (Kind Of) Know The Truth Behind The Lil Wayne And Miami Heat Beef

By | 20 Comments

While most NBA fans are probably glued to Chris Broussard’s Twitter account to check out his breaking NBA trade deadline news that Yahoo.


Lil Wayne: Still Terrible

By | 15 Comments

If, by chance, you woke up today and wondered, "Is Lil Wayne still terrible." The answer, in fact, is yes -- Lil Wayne is still terrible.


Lil Wayne Brought A Gun To A Miami Heat Game And Doesn't Understand Why That Might Be Weird

By | 13 Comments

Sure, Lil' Wayne is one of the most prolific rappers of all time, but his days off almost exclusively involve the following: 1.

facial tattoos

Lil Wayne Got The Word ‘Baked’ Tattooed Across His Forehead

By | 7 Comments

I really am at a loss for words over Lil Wayne's new "Baked" tattoo. However, I'm not surprised in the least.

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