With Leather’s Watch This: Here’s A Song To Motivate Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig


The Dodgers have their backs against the wall in Game 3 of the NLCS, so here's a tribute song to inspire Yasiel Puig.


With Leather’s Watch This: Michael Wacha Offered His Best Fozzy Bear Impression


If there are two things that I love more than anything else in this world, it’s the Muppets and dominating St.


Magic Johnson Promises To Wear A Blue Speedo If The Dodgers Win The World Series


After Jay Leno presented him with a Los Angeles Dodgers Speedo, Magic Johnson promised to wear it if the team wins the World Series.

#LeBron James

Celebrity Apprentice: Every NBA Player Should Believe In Magic

Even if Dwight Howard had chosen Hollywood over Houston, and even if Kobe Bryant's Achilles tendon had proven as indestructible as his confidence, the Lakers still would have endured a substantial loss in 2013.


Yasiel Puig Might Have Said, ‘F*ck The Media’ But Totally Didn’t Mean It Like That


Miami sports talk radio host Josh Friedman created quite the stir yesterday when he Tweeted the following: Of course, that created two kinds of responses: 1) The media members who have been stroking Yasiel Puig’s young ego and building him into the Cuban Bo Jackson immediately went into full-blown “What a classless punk” mode, using such terms as “hogwash” and “malarkey” as they are wont to do.


With Leather’s Watch This: Who Falls For The Hidden Ball Trick Anymore?


I’m sure everyone has seen the video of Juan Uribe of the Los Angeles Dodgers falling for the hidden ball trick against the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday, but I just wanted to watch it a few more times.


With Leather’s Watch This: Baseball Fans Still Don’t Know ‘Trader’ From ‘Traitor’


One of the little nuggets of worthlessness that was dropped around the Major League Baseball trade deadline was that the Los Angeles Dodgers, in a mostly risk-free/high-reward move to bolster the bullpen, signed former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson.


Cristiano Ronaldo Swings A Baseball Bat Like A Soccer Player Would


Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo stopped by Dodgers Stadium last night to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and rub elbows with Yasiel Puig and, for some strange reason, Samuel L.


Yasiel Puig Has To Wait His Turn To Be An All-Star


Yasiel Puig has had a historic first month of baseball.


Timothy Olyphant Threw Out An Incredibly Handsome First Pitch


Riding the red hot bat of Yasiel Puig and something that sort of resembles good pitching, the Los Angeles Dodgers have won their last 5 games to move within 5.


Let’s Watch The Dodgers And Diamondbacks Brawl Set To ‘Street Fighting Man’


As I wrote the other day, all the Los Angeles Dodgers apparently needed to break out of their awful funk was the excitement of a flashy, young player like Yasiel Puig.


Lil Jon Threw Out The Opening Pop Fly At Friday’s Dodgers Game

One of my favorite moments during Saturday night’s UFC 160 PPV was when the camera showed rapper and Dave Chappelle muse Lil Jon bro-hugging some random guy who was barely important enough to be on camera, because it just adds fuel to my long-standing argument that the UFC really needs to start reaching out to more celebrities.


Girls Generation Is Still Terrible At First Pitches


As an unapologetic stan for The Wonder Girls, I like to throw shade at Girls Generation whenever I can.


With Leather's Watch This: Rob Delaney Sang The National Anthem At A Dodgers Game

That wasn’t the best National Anthem I’ve ever heard, but it certainly wasn’t the worst or even what I expected from a comedian like Rob Delaney.


'42' Has A New Trailer, Now With Racist Wash


Back in September, we shared the first trailer from Brian Helgeland's 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic that looks.


With Leather’s Watch This: ESPN is ‘Broke’


A few years ago, when I was still in my broke, we-need-to-cram-a-bunch-of-people-into-this-hotel-room-to-save-money phase (not very far removed), some friends and I were in St.

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