Manny Pacquiao Thinks He’s Finally Going To Fight Floyd Mayweather In His New Foot Locker Commercial

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Manny Pacquiao's new commercial with Footlocker pokes fun at the potential of a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.


The Top 5 Reasons To Pay $70 To Watch Manny Pacquiao Vs. Bandon Rios

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At stake is a small "international" WBO title belt, but, more importantly, neither fighter can afford another loss as both have lucrative rematches waiting for them in the spring.


Manny Pacquiao Lost An Estimated $100 Million By Not Fighting Floyd Mayweather

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<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/manny-pacquiao.jpg"></a>Words by <a href="https://twitter.com/bansky" target="_blank">Bansky</a> Floyd Mayweather's latest fight with Canelo Alverez has all but been confirmed as <a href="http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/mayweather-alvarez-bout-richest-fight-20311112">the richest fight in boxing history</a>.


Kevin Garnett's Honey Nut Cheerios And Other Athletes Re-Imagined As Breakfast Foods

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In one of the better “Boys will be boys” stories of this early sports year, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony reportedly took offense to something that Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said to him during Boston’s 102-96 victory on Monday night.


The Philippines May Ban Justin Bieber For Posting Pacquiao Knockout Memes On Instagram


Really, posting memes on Instagram should come with the death penalty, but baby steps, Philippines.

#Justin Bieber

Manny Pacquiao Got Knocked The F Out And The Internet Is Torn Over It

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If you joined us for <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/12/with-leather-live-discussion-ufc-on-fox-5">the UFC on Fox 6 live discussion on Saturday</a>, then you most likely watched the sad end of the BJ Penn era, after he was outmatched and exhausted by our favorite fighting hipster, Rory MacDonald.

taiwanese animation

Taiwanese Animation: Manny Pacquiao Knocked Out


Juan Manuel Marquez's knockout of Manny Pacquiao receives the always absurd <a href="http://clipnation.com/tag/taiwanese-animation/">Taiwanese animation</a> treatment.

mitt romney

Mitt Romney Gave Manny Pacquiao A Prefight Pep Talk The Other Night

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Let Manny Pacquiao be a lesson to all you boxers out there: this is what happens when Mitt Romney gives you a pep talk. Consider yourself warned.


Oh, Manny!: Pacquiao Knocked Out By Marquez

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Manny Pacquiao went down and went down hard in the 6th round courtesy of Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


A Day In The Life With Manny Pacquiao

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Respect to the good brother Andreas Hale doing dope things over at Jay-Z's <a href="http://lifeandtimes.com/a-day-in-the-life-manny-pacquiao-part-one">Life+Times YouTube channel</a>.

Rap Music

This Week In Beef: 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather May Or May Not Hate Each Other

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Rapper 50 Cent has long been the hard-working businessman, whether <a href="http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-01-10/wall_street/29993010_1_tweets-penny-stock-cent">potentially illegally shilling penny stocks on Twitter</a> to make him millions or <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4igG_VkvMZc">standing around gyms and sneakily giving Joan Rivers energy shots</a>, and every once in a while he even manages to, you know, rap.


PoV: 50 Cent & Manny Pacquiao, Best Buds & Business Partners

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50 Cent didn't waste any time <a href="http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/?p=319822">jumping from Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s side</a> over to the other team, right.


50 Cent Doing Business With Manny Pacquiao Is The Most 50 Cent Thing Ever

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Honorable man, philanthropist and all-around swell guy 50 Cent is in the news again.


Forbes' Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes Is A Real Likable Bunch

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I don’t know about you hard-working folks, but when I hear that Forbes has <a href="http://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2012/06/18/mayweather-tops-list-of-the-worlds-100-highest-paid-athletes/">released its list of the 100 Highest Paid Athletes</a>, it might as well be Christmas morning to me.


Boxing Is Dead, But Taiwanese Animation Is Alive And Well


I still think Pacquiao would've won that fight if he hadn't used a cross to murder a gay guy during the pride parade.

World Boxing Organization (WBO)

Timothy Bradley Defeats Manny Pacquiao, Surprising Everyone…Including Timothy Bradley

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Ladies and gentlemen, Timothy Bradley is the new WBO welterweight champion, which comes as a surprise to many, including Timothy Bradley.


Update: Manny Pacquiao Doesn't Want To Kill Gay People

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Earlier this week, we checked in with our With Leather political correspondent, Dick Tughard, to find out if any professional athletes had been grumbling about President Barack Obama’s sudden support for same sex marriage.

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