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Will Ferrell’s Podcast Interview With Marc Maron Was Delightful And Thankfully Devoid Of Ron Burgundy

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Marc Maron's dream of having Will Ferrell on as a guest on his podcast finally came true this week.


Check Out This Clip Of Marc Maron And Pete Holmes Hugging It Out And Discussing Dane Cook’s Rug Money

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Marc Maron was a guest on The Pete Holmes Show and provided much needed laughs on a week full of reruns and bad news.


Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week

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The best new music of the week, including songs from Yuck, Earl Sweatshirt, and YACHT.


Nick Cave Wrote A Sequel To ‘Gladiator’ And Wanted To Call It ‘Christ Killer’

By | 27 Comments

The 2000 Academy Award Best Picture winner Gladiator would have probably been ripe for a sequel, had director Ridley Scott and Co.


What's On Tonight: Marc Maron With Johnny Depp, Or Marc Maron With Channing Tatum?

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including Marc Maron on two different talk shows.


Craig Robinson’s This is the End premiere date assembled her own stripper pole

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Even when he's not doing anything, Craig Robinson always seems like he's about to do something awesome, and I'm not just saying that because he nodded at me at a comedy club once.

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‘How Do Your Wife And Kids Handle You?’: Marc Maron And Michael Ian Black Got Into A Fight On Twitter

By | 114 Comments

Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black got into an amusing fight on Twitter. Here's the whole thing.

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Alison Brie Tells Marc Maron There Are Naked Photos Of Her Out There Somewhere

By | 53 Comments

Alison Brie was on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, where she discussed religion and nudity.


Marc Maron Outlined His Rules Of Pornography On ‘Conan’ Last Night

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Which led to Andy Richter delivering the funniest line in late night TV by the 1:30 mark.


Watch Marc Maron, Weird Al Yankovic, Aimee Mann, Moby, & Duff McKagan Audition For The Postal Service

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Did you know that before Ben Gibbard got the gig as Postal Service frontman that a host of other "talent" to try out for the role? Betcha didn't!


UPROXX Live Q&A With Marc Maron, The Host Of ‘WTF With Marc Maron’ (UPDATED)

By | 39 Comments

Get your popcorn ready: Marc Maron is here to hang with us today, you guys!


Allow These Marc Maron Stand Up Clips To Remind You That Marc Maron Isn’t Just A Podcaster

By | 9 Comments

Nowadays his name is so synonymous with interviews and podcasts his actual comedy finds itself on the back burner.


Marc Maron Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Vacationing

By | 2 Comments

Enjoy like you enjoyed the charm of a failed communist dictatorship.


‘Louie’ Recap: The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Moments From ‘Ikea/Piano Lesson’

By | 9 Comments

You know your soul's gonna be crushed when Louis C.K. and Marc Maron team up.

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Dan Harmon To Marc Maron: 'Maybe I Am Just A Jerk'

By | 23 Comments

"TV in all of its ugliness can be a beautiful thing.”


Awesome People Hanging Out With Louis C.K.

By | 13 Comments

We've got <a href="" target="_blank">an unofficial Louis C.K. Week going</a> on right now as we <a href="" target="_blank">countdown to the return of</a><a href="" target="_blank"> Louie</a> and generally obsess over how awesome Louis C.


Patton Oswalt And Marc Maron Livetweeted Their Chance Encounter On A Plane

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Lovable scamp <a href="">Patton Oswalt</a> and neurotic podcast king <a href="">Marc Maron</a> were on the same flight yesterday, Maron in Coach and Oswalt in Business.


Marc Maron Discusses His Love For Younger Women & Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation With Conan


There's a good chance I've said this here before, but I'll say it again: I'm kinda freaked out when I see someone speaking whose voice I'm very familiar with but who I'm not used to seeing speak -- radio show hosts, podcast show hosts, etc.


Marc Maron's Pilot Has Been Picked Up by IFC

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Good news for What the Fu*kers, What the Fu*kaneers, Too Drunk to What the Fu*k, I'll Have the Mandarin What the Fu*k fans everywhere: a semi-autobiographical pilot shot by Marc Maron, host of the popular comedy podcast WTF, has been picked up for 10 episodes by IFC, according to Laughspin.

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Nick Offerman Acknowledges The Internet's Love For Ron Swanson On Marc Maron's Podcast


Last night I was pleasantly surprised to download Marc Maron's WTF podcast and discover that Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, the husband and wife duo beloved by the masses as Ron and Tammy, <a href="">were Maron's guests on the show</a>.

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