he man

This Seems To Be Our First Look At Battle Cat In The ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Movie


The Senior VP of Production for Columbia Pictures has once again tweeted a 'Masters Of The Universe' exclusive.


The New He-Man Will Feature A Lot Of Dancing


Color me shocked and ashamed on this one, but I had no clue that there’s a new He-Man movie in development.

Toy Masters

‘Toy Masters’ Reveal The Ugly In-Fighting Behind He-Man

Ready for the scathing, muckracking, investigative reporting on He-Man you've been waiting your whole life for.

Mike Finch

Writers of Predators hired to Masterbate the Universe


If you were freaking out that we'd never see a (second) He-Man movie, take a hit of this inhaler and relax, because it's coming.

warner brothers

Predator Writers To Write He-Man Movie, For All The Good It’ll Do

He-Man fans have been dreaming of a new He-Man movie since, well.


Mattel DC Universe Classics And Masters Of the Universe Updates

There's been a ton of news from various sources lately about updates, changes or tweaks to Mattel's various collector lines.

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