You Won Childhood If You Had These ’80s Toys When You Were A Kid

12.19.15 4 years ago 12 Comments

Maybe you had a hundred GI Joe figures when you were a kid, but if you didn’t get your hands on the USS Flagg you probably still feel unfulfilled. Maybe you still remember the sense of dejection you had while comparing hauls with the kids in the cafeteria, because you knew you weren’t coming away with a victory.

The good news is that if you’ve got an eBay account (and some disposable income), you can right the wrongs of the past and make this the greatest Christmas of your life. Sure, it’ll be slightly awkward when your presents to yourself greatly outshine the ones that you get your kids — but you’re teaching them about the value of wish fulfillment. When you get down to it, isn’t a life lesson the best gift of all?

Maybe not…because these eight ’80s presents blow life lessons off the board.

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