This Seems To Be Our First Look At Battle Cat In The ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Movie

Way back in 2010, we heard that a live-action He-Man movie was in production (again). Then, in 2012, we learned it was titled Masters of the Universe and was to be directed by Jon Chu (Step Up 2, G.I. Joe: Retaliation). Now, after we almost forgot it was in development, the Senior VP of Production for Columbia Pictures, DeVon Franklin, tweeted out what appears to be a first look at Battle Cat.

A fan posed a question about Masters of the Universe to Franklin on Twitter. He replied, “Will know more soon. New chairman at Sony, gotta get in sync with the studio. As soon as I know I’ll report back.” Someone else replied to him, suggesting if Guardians of the Galaxy can make $700 million why couldn’t Masters of the Universe do the same? (We’ll refrain from answering that question.) Franklin replied with this:

Wait. That’s… that’s Battle Cat, right? Did he just casually tweet out the first look at Battle Cat? It looks that way. And it’s not the first time Franklin has revealed something from Masters of the Universe. ENI reports, “DeVon back in January had posted a image for the cover page of a finalized script re-write for the movie which was written by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass, X-Force).”

So, yeah. This could be Battle Cat. Here are some other things which could be Battle Cat:

Okay, the last one is actually Panthor, but we couldn’t resist.