A ‘Masters Of The Universe’ Movie Is In The Works With Noah Centineo As He-Man

03.20.19 3 months ago


Hollywood has been slow to revive a large batch of ’80s weekday afternoon cartoon junk that’s been waiting to be turned into movies, Netflix series or whatever. Perhaps that will change with this news, courtesy of The Wrap and confirmed by Entertainment Weekly: A Masters of the Universe film, based on the show that was inspired by the popular line of entertaining Mattel toys, is in the works. What’s more, it may star the decidedly not-noticeably-beefy Noah Centineo.

The young actor broke through last year as the romantic co-lead in Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. He was even cast in another reboot of another old-timey show, Charlie’s Angels. Now he’ll have to beef up and get a blonde Prince Valiant ‘do as Prince Adam, the do-gooder of the mystical fantasy realm Eternia, who can turn into the hulky He-Man with the help of a magic sword. An example of the famous character’s secret identity is showcased in this recent popular tweet.

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