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Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Made His Masterful Comeback Today, And Twitter Was Pretty Pumped About It

Today, Matt Harvey made his first big-league start since undergoing Tommy John surgery in the fall of 2013, and he was spectacular.


With Leather’s Watch This: Matt Harvey Is Here To Talk About Qualcomm

Injured New York Mets ace Matt Harvey was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show earlier today, but when you actually listen to the interview, it’s apparent that he was simply there to promote Qualcomm.

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Matt Harvey Wants To Know What You Think About Matt Harvey, Knows You’ve Seen Him Naked

Jimmy Fallon sent New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey out into the street to ask Mets fans what they think about Matt Harvey, and the results are fantastic.

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Matt Harvey Asks New Yorkers About Matt Harvey

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey asks people on the streets of New York -- many of them fans of the Mets and Harvey -- about Matt Harvey.

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