McDonald’s Is About To Eliminate A Bunch Of Your Favorite Menu Items

By | 31 Comments

A number of Quarter Pounder, Snack Wrap, and Premium Chicken sandwich options will be phased out.


Japan Is Not Lovin’ The Coming Fries Shortage At Its McDonald’s Franchises

By | 3 Comments

The Japanese really love their McFries. Unfortunately, a labor dispute (and their own gluttony) have forced McDonald's to ration supplies.


A Swiss McDonald’s Accidentally Showed Its Customers Hardcore Porn

By | 46 Comments

Much like Rule 34 states that if it exists, there is porn of it, I would argue that if there's a screen, porn will be shown on it.


Things Escalated Quickly For These Drunk Women Banging On A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window

By | 32 Comments

One second, you're jonesing for a Filet-O-Fish. The next, a cop is tasering you. Ah, youth.


Introduce Yourself To The Husband Who Allegedly Assaulted His Pregnant Wife With A McChicken Sandwich

By | 4 Comments

This man wasn't happy with the meal his wife chose for him, so he allegedly attacked her with it. Right in the face.


Two Women Decimated A Philadelphia McDonald’s After Being Told They Couldn’t Have Breakfast

By | 50 Comments

Two women attacked a McDonald's customer the size of a grizzly bear in a rage over being told they had stopped serving breakfast.


Allow Former ‘MythBuster’ Grant Imahara To Show You How A McRib Is Made

By | 12 Comments

Former 'Mythbuster' Grant Imahara shows us all how the McRib is constructed and how his credibility is deconstructed in a new video.


Let’s Remember The Time Megan Mullally And John Goodman Starred Together In A 1980s McDonalds Commercial

By | 5 Comments

Remember that time Megan Mullally and John Goodman did an EggMcMuffin commercial together? No? Well, you're welcome.

#Dumb Criminals

Meet The Michigan Sex Offender Who Masturbated Twice In The Drive-Thru During A Single Trip To McDonald’s

By | 9 Comments

Michael Peterson pleasured himself in front of McDonald's drive-thru workers. Then he pulled around and did it again.

#Dumb Criminals

This Pedestrian Carjacked A Woman’s Car From The McDonald’s Drive Thru After Being Refused Service

By | 7 Comments

This guy had a very appropriate response to being turned away from the McDonald's drive thru.


Someone Found A Swastika In Their McDonald’s Bun

By | 16 Comments

Because sometimes people are terrible, terrible racists.


This Science Teacher Claims To Have Lost Over 60 Pounds By Eating Nothing But McDonald’s

By | 15 Comments

A science teacher ate nothing but McDonald's for 90+ days straight to prove ... Well, I'm still not exactly clear what he was trying to prove.


A Guy Walked Into A Queens McDonalds On Tuesday With A Kitchen Knife Sticking Out Of His Back

By | 14 Comments

NBD, just a guy walking into a McDonald's with a kitchen knife sticking out of his back.


Anderson Cooper Ate The Loneliest, Most Pathetic Meal For His Birthday


Anderson Cooper thought he'd treat himself on his birthday by stopping by a truck stop McDonald's.


McDonald’s Just Unveiled A Terrifying New Mascot That Will Make You Wish They’d Stick To Creepy Clowns

By | 9 Comments

McDonald's just announced its nightmare-inducing new mascot, an animated Happy Meal named "Happy."


No Thank You: McDonald’s Is Introducing A Guacamole Burger, Currently In Test Markets

By | 10 Comments

McDonald’s is testing three new avocado sandwiches: The guacamole burger, guacamole grilled chicken and guacamole crispy chicken sandwiches.


Outraged Woman Calls Local News Station Over Color Me Badd Being Played In McDonald’s Play Area

By | 10 Comments

This woman was furious to hear Color Me Badd's hit song in the McDonald's where her children were playing. Tick tock get up stop!


I’m Trying To Be Mad About Pink Spider-Man Toys But Am Failing

By | 9 Comments

Remember when Kathy Kane had a utility purse full of deadly weapons disguised as makeup? This is not like that.

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