This Sappy McDonald’s Super Bowl Commercial Says You Can Pay For Your Burgers ‘With Love’

By | 4 Comments

McDonald's is trying to bring the feels with this ridiculous Super Bowl commercial that says you can 'pay with love.'


This Very Poor Ad Placement Will Make You Think Twice About A McRib

By | 7 Comments

After the McRib made its return in the UK, people noticed a bizarre trend of some very poorly-placed billboards.


McDonald’s Finally Reveals How Their Delicious French Fries Are Made

By | 23 Comments

McDonald's invited Grant Imahara to take us behind-the-scenes and show us how delicious French fries are made.

Marilyn Hagerty

That Sweet Old Lady Who Reviewed Olive Garden Is Back With A Review Of McDonald’s

By | 5 Comments

Does anyone remember Marilyn Hagerty, who penned that fantastic Olive Garden review a few years ago? She's back!

michael keaton

Oscar Nominee Michael Keaton May Play A McDonalds Mogul Next

By | 2 Comments

Today Michael Keaton got an Oscar nomination and he became the subject of a casting rumor about a biopic. It's been a big day.


Someone Gave That Pandering McDonald’s ‘Signs’ Commercial The Parody It So Richly Deserves

By | 5 Comments

There is no way McDonald's could not have seen this coming with their new 'Signs' advertising campaign.


This Is What A Two-Year Old McDonald’s Cheeseburger Looks Like

By | 9 Comments

It looks an awful lot like a two-minute old McDonald's cheeseburger.


McDonald’s Restaurants In Venezuela Have Completely Run Out Of French Fries

By | 6 Comments

First, Americans lose their Quarter Pounder options; now, Venezuelans have no fries! Can someone say #apocalypse?


McDonald’s Messed Up This Guy’s Order So He Allegedly Pulled A Pistol On Workers

By | 50 Comments

A McDonald's messed up a Nashville man's order so he responded by allegedly brandishing a pistol.


Despite Rumors Of Its Demise, The Big Mac Is Still Very Much Alive On McDonald’s Menu

By | 12 Comments

McDonald's is still trimming their menu, but that doesn't involve getting rid of the classic Big Mac or apple pies.


McDonald’s Is About To Eliminate A Bunch Of Your Favorite Menu Items

By | 37 Comments

A number of Quarter Pounder, Snack Wrap, and Premium Chicken sandwich options will be phased out.


Japan Is Not Lovin’ The Coming Fries Shortage At Its McDonald’s Franchises

By | 3 Comments

The Japanese really love their McFries. Unfortunately, a labor dispute (and their own gluttony) have forced McDonald's to ration supplies.


A Swiss McDonald’s Accidentally Showed Its Customers Hardcore Porn

By | 46 Comments

Much like Rule 34 states that if it exists, there is porn of it, I would argue that if there's a screen, porn will be shown on it.


Things Escalated Quickly For These Drunk Women Banging On A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window

By | 31 Comments

One second, you're jonesing for a Filet-O-Fish. The next, a cop is tasering you. Ah, youth.


Introduce Yourself To The Husband Who Allegedly Assaulted His Pregnant Wife With A McChicken Sandwich

By | 4 Comments

This man wasn't happy with the meal his wife chose for him, so he allegedly attacked her with it. Right in the face.


Two Women Decimated A Philadelphia McDonald’s After Being Told They Couldn’t Have Breakfast

By | 49 Comments

Two women attacked a McDonald's customer the size of a grizzly bear in a rage over being told they had stopped serving breakfast.


Allow Former ‘MythBuster’ Grant Imahara To Show You How A McRib Is Made

By | 12 Comments

Former 'Mythbuster' Grant Imahara shows us all how the McRib is constructed and how his credibility is deconstructed in a new video.

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