This Very Poor Ad Placement Will Make You Think Twice About A McRib

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After the McRib made its return in the UK, people noticed a bizarre trend of some very poorly-placed billboards.


McDonald’s Finally Reveals How Their Delicious French Fries Are Made

By | 23 Comments

McDonald's invited Grant Imahara to take us behind-the-scenes and show us how delicious French fries are made.

Marilyn Hagerty

That Sweet Old Lady Who Reviewed Olive Garden Is Back With A Review Of McDonald’s

By | 5 Comments

Does anyone remember Marilyn Hagerty, who penned that fantastic Olive Garden review a few years ago? She's back!

michael keaton

Oscar Nominee Michael Keaton May Play A McDonalds Mogul Next

By | 2 Comments

Today Michael Keaton got an Oscar nomination and he became the subject of a casting rumor about a biopic. It's been a big day.


Someone Gave That Pandering McDonald’s ‘Signs’ Commercial The Parody It So Richly Deserves

By | 5 Comments

There is no way McDonald's could not have seen this coming with their new 'Signs' advertising campaign.


This Is What A Two-Year Old McDonald’s Cheeseburger Looks Like

By | 9 Comments

It looks an awful lot like a two-minute old McDonald's cheeseburger.


McDonald’s Restaurants In Venezuela Have Completely Run Out Of French Fries

By | 6 Comments

First, Americans lose their Quarter Pounder options; now, Venezuelans have no fries! Can someone say #apocalypse?


McDonald’s Messed Up This Guy’s Order So He Allegedly Pulled A Pistol On Workers

By | 50 Comments

A McDonald's messed up a Nashville man's order so he responded by allegedly brandishing a pistol.


Despite Rumors Of Its Demise, The Big Mac Is Still Very Much Alive On McDonald’s Menu

By | 12 Comments

McDonald's is still trimming their menu, but that doesn't involve getting rid of the classic Big Mac or apple pies.


McDonald’s Is About To Eliminate A Bunch Of Your Favorite Menu Items

By | 37 Comments

A number of Quarter Pounder, Snack Wrap, and Premium Chicken sandwich options will be phased out.


Japan Is Not Lovin’ The Coming Fries Shortage At Its McDonald’s Franchises

By | 3 Comments

The Japanese really love their McFries. Unfortunately, a labor dispute (and their own gluttony) have forced McDonald's to ration supplies.


A Swiss McDonald’s Accidentally Showed Its Customers Hardcore Porn

By | 46 Comments

Much like Rule 34 states that if it exists, there is porn of it, I would argue that if there's a screen, porn will be shown on it.


Things Escalated Quickly For These Drunk Women Banging On A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window

By | 31 Comments

One second, you're jonesing for a Filet-O-Fish. The next, a cop is tasering you. Ah, youth.


Introduce Yourself To The Husband Who Allegedly Assaulted His Pregnant Wife With A McChicken Sandwich

By | 4 Comments

This man wasn't happy with the meal his wife chose for him, so he allegedly attacked her with it. Right in the face.


Two Women Decimated A Philadelphia McDonald’s After Being Told They Couldn’t Have Breakfast

By | 49 Comments

Two women attacked a McDonald's customer the size of a grizzly bear in a rage over being told they had stopped serving breakfast.


Allow Former ‘MythBuster’ Grant Imahara To Show You How A McRib Is Made

By | 12 Comments

Former 'Mythbuster' Grant Imahara shows us all how the McRib is constructed and how his credibility is deconstructed in a new video.


Let’s Remember The Time Megan Mullally And John Goodman Starred Together In A 1980s McDonalds Commercial

By | 5 Comments

Remember that time Megan Mullally and John Goodman did an EggMcMuffin commercial together? No? Well, you're welcome.

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