Las Vegas All Set To Become America’s Amstredam

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Anyone with a medical marijuana card will be able to enjoy.

weed ad

Watch And Be Creeped Out By The First Medical Marijuana Ad To Air On A Major Network

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Watch the first Pot ad that will air on the major networks. You'd have to be high not to watch it.


This Former Microsoft Exec’s Planning $100 Million National Chain of Weed Stores

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A Seattle entrepreneur announced his plans to do for marijuana what Starbucks did for coffee: <a href="">make weed widely available</a> everywhere through a chain of retailers.


8.9 The Cooler

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Brianna Loyd New York Times Blasts Lolo Jones [Elev8] Crackpot’s Guide To How The Illuminati Infiltrated Television [Warming Glow] The Mirrored NFL Paths Of Randy Moss And Terrell Owens [The Sports Fan Journal] 10 Sporting Events That Would Be In The Hip-Hop Olympics [HHW] The [...].

#Mad Men

6.12 The Cooler

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Asia Dee Giants Lineman David Diehl Arrested For DWI, Accused Of Hitting Parked Cars <a href="">[Washington Post]</a> Study Says ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws Increase Homicides <a href="">[WSJ]</a> Chris Brown Breaks “No Interviews in 2012.

Wade Davis

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Eve Eyecandi What 'Bath Salts' Will—and Won’t—Make You Do [The Daily Beast] Connecticut Becomes 17th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana [Nuggetry] President Obama Covers Essence Magazine [TUD] 10 Camo Items You Need In Your Life [H1GHER Learning] Samsung Smart TVs To Get “Console-Like” Games [Stuff] The [...].


5.15 The Cooler

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Jessica Jane Clement Hologram Freddy Mercury Will Soon Take The Stage With Queen <a href="" target="blank">[Uproxx]</a> Cee Lo Green Featured on Fast Company's '100 Most Creative' Cover <a href="">[THR]</a> Is the iTunes Store Outdated.

tyler the creator

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Megan Retzlaff Ray J Shoots Down Whitney Houston Sex Tape Rumors <a href="">[The Urban Daily]</a> What Do Tyler, the Creator and Glenn O'Brien Have in Common.


Montel Williams Enters The Marijuana Dispensary Business

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Montel Williams (host of the appropriately-named Montel Williams Show for 17 years) was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis over 10 years ago.


Cuttino Mobley Plans On Being Your Neighborhood Drug Dealer

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<a href=""> Cuttino "Cat" Mobley. Remember him? The guy who helped the Houston Rockets stay afloat in their post-championship years. Although he hasn't made a lot of noise publicly since his retirement in 2008, all that is seemingly about to change as his career aspirations have shifted to becoming a doctor of the <a href="">Andre Young</a> variety.

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