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Starlito – “WTF” Video


Starlito flips the script, one-upping the tired rap video M.


Starlito – “Chill” Video

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Starlito's "Chill" gets a black and white visual courtesy of 8732 Films.


Notable Quotable – Starlito On “Produced By Coop”

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"'06, 'Like Father, Like Son' dropped I got like 10 grand, thanks '07, I was in the hood with a chopper in my hand I fucked my own career up, I got no problems sayin' it But, bitch, I been gettin' money, f*ckin' right Gotti was payin' I'm just impatient, right.


Starlito – Mental WARfare

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The title of Starlito's latest work, Mental WARfare, harkens back to a title that may have been more fitting for, say, Organized Konfusion in their '90s heyday but Starlito shows that being the braintrust behind your whole career can be challenging.

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