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LeBron James Would’ve Posterized Paul George, But He’s Not Even In The Picture


In the picture below, you'll see someone's head about an inch from LeBron James' ass as he soars through the air for a game-winning lay-up in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.


Check Out LeBron James’ High School Stats

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This is a few days (and years, if you’re a stickler for details) old, but the folks over at LeBronJames.


Here’s The Strangest NSFW Knicks Fan Rant You’ll Listen To This Week

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It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that the Indiana Pacers are in the position to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals tonight, as they’re the No.


You Know Who Loved The Bulls Beating The Heat? Taiwan Animation

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If you're happy to see the Miami Heat lose game 1 of their East semis series against the Chicago Bulls, perhaps you'll like to see the Heat portrayed as rusty Terminators while the Bulls mascot puts out the Miami logo fire by pissing on it.


Wednesday Dunk Battle: Westbrook Vs. James Vs. Griffin Vs. Ross

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After a brief hiatus to deal with objective weekly winners like <a href="" target="_blank">DeAndre Jordan's dunk on Brandon Knight</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">LeBron's ridiculous circus posterization of Jason Terry</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Doug Anderson's destruction of the space-time continuum</a>, the Wednesday Dunk Battle is back.


Boy Badly Burned In House Fire Asks To Meet LeBron James

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In a story that seems like it was ripped from our nightmares, an 8-year old boy named Demetrius Gollett was at his great-grandmother’s home on February 18, when it caught fire.


ESPN Is The Worst, ‘How To Make A Poster’ Edition

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This infographic ("info" graphic) appeared on the flagship television show from the Worldwide Leader in Sports.


With Leather’s Watch This: Cheer Up, John Stockton

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This has already been one hell of a strange NCAA Tournament, with my bracket’s Elite 8 missing just one team, and yet I have no chance of winning my pool.


#BeefThursdays: We Can Finally Settle At Least One Jordan-LeBron Feud

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While last week’s Beef Thursdays column featured actual beef, in the sense that athletes were trying to rip each other’s heads off en route to a horrific international incident that could have only been prevented by the United Nations or James Bond, this week’s edition is more of an imposed sense of rivalry.


LeBron James Finishes Monster Alley-Oop


LeBron James throws down one of the biggest dunks of the year, right on Jason Terry's head.


With Leather’s Watch This: Dreamy Jordan Mein’s Rise To Welterweight Stardom

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One of the biggest surprises of UFC 158 on Saturday night was Jordan Mein and incredible first round TKO over the veteran Dan Miller, although the UFC’s newest welterweight prospect is hardly a rookie.


We Love Sports! Let’s Make Ourselves Look As Hideous As Possible!

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It's Friday, which means we're all tired and ready to go home.


Wednesday Dunk Battle: Bryant Vs. James Vs. Griner Vs. Behanan

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Last week's Wednesday Dunk Battle was one of the most hotly contested ever, pitting LeBron James and Blake Griffin (the two most prolific Wednesday Dunk Battlers of the season) against a sea otter and a guy who dunked through fire.


The Miami Heat Did That Thing That Isn't Actually The Harlem Shake

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By the time 2013 wraps up and is in the books , the award for Biggest Villain will probably be locked up by one of three people – Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump or whoever created the Harlem Shake fad.


Wednesday Dunk Battle: Griffin Vs. James Vs. Faried Vs. Fire Guy Vs. Sea Otter

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This week, the <a href="" target="_blank">Wednesday Dunk Battle</a> goes high concept -- what, scientifically speaking, constitutes the "best slam dunk.


We Now (Kind Of) Know The Truth Behind The Lil Wayne And Miami Heat Beef

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While most NBA fans are probably glued to Chris Broussard’s Twitter account to check out his breaking NBA trade deadline news that Yahoo.

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