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Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Helen Mirren Twerk In This Hilariously Unbelievable Video

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Until now, only amateurs have twerked, but now, Helen Mirren comes to put everyone to shame with how she twerks. (Hint: Very well)


Miley Cyrus Performs A Duet And Spanks Madonna In New MTV Unplugged Special

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So MTV Unplugged, this is what you've come to: Miley and Midge Grinding To Pop Songs


Ron Jeremy’s Reenactment Of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ Is A Vision To Behold

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For some strange, disturbing reason, Ron Jeremy reenacted Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball' video and the result will haunt your dreams.


Miley Cyrus’s ‘Adore You’ Is A Sex Tape Disguised As A Masturbatory Music Video

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So it's comes to this: Miley's sort-of sex tape. HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE.


Behold, The 10 Most Googled Women Of 2013

By | 20 Comments

Was Miley able to twerk her way to the top of Google? The suspense is killing us.

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When Miley Cyrus Thinks About You, She Touches Herself

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Miley Cyrus has moved from twerking to masturbating.


The Israeli Parody Of Miley Cyrus’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ Is Not Good For The Jews

By | 3 Comments

I'd rather wander the desert for 40 years than watch "Jews Can't Stop" twice.


Here Are The 20 Most Overplayed Songs Of 2013 Back To Back In One Earnestly Played Minute


Check out this YouTube mashup with the 20 most overplayed songs of 2013 slammed together an easy to swallow minute


What Music Icons Would Look Like Wearing Shirts For The Bands They Influenced

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If time isn't linear, why can't KISS have been influenced by Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus

Rashida Jones: 2013 Is The ‘Year Of The Very Visible Vagina’

By | 27 Comments

Ann Perkins is moving away from Pawnee, but the actress who plays her, Rashida Jones, isn't moving past tsk-tsking Miley Cyrus's vagina.


Miley Cyrus Is Probably Going To Be TIME’s Readers’ Person Of The Year

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Currently leading the online voting for TIME's readers' Person of the Year is Miley Cyrus, because sticking your tongue out is very important.


Hey Look! It’s 8 Rejected Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons!

By | 11 Comments

If parade officials really wanted to go topical, they would use the ideas I sent them. Sadly, they were all rejected.

Miley Cyrus Performed With A Giant Crying Cat At The American Music Awards

By | 14 Comments

Did Miley Cyrus perform with a crying cat? Of course she did.

15 GIFs That 20-Year-Old Miley Cyrus Is Going To Regret On Her 40th Birthday

By | 44 Comments

In 20 years, Miley Cyrus is going to look back at 2013 and sigh.

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Behold The Belmont Bruins’ Secret Weapon: ‘Wrecking Ball’ By Miley Cyrus

By | 3 Comments

The Belmont Bruins upset 12th-ranked UNC with the help of a fan singing Miley Cyrus lyrics during a free-throw attempt. He won't stop, 'cause he can't stop.


The Parents Television Council Praised MTV For Censoring Miley Cyrus At The EMAs

By | 10 Comments

Say what you will about Miley, but she's bringing people together.

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Nicki Minaj Dressed Up As Nicki Minaj For Halloween

By | 13 Comments

Are those duct tape pasties? If so, Nicki Minaj gets bonus points for her Halloween costume in my book.

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