Meet Miyoki a.k.a. “Her Hair’s On Fire”

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<a href=""> Kevin Hart <a href="">had us laughing the other day</a> while Trey Songz failed to act.


Diddy Parties Are Hot Fire, Son!

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<a href=""> What in the blue heezy just transpired? I'm not sure why anyone would watch a Ustream video of a Diddy party, but whoever did that and went so far as to record it deserves a medal of honor - and a prostitute for all of your loneliness - because that person caught footage of one of the most hilarious clips you'll see all year. It looks like the spirit of Dylan was in attendance at the Diddy Dirty Money party as a his soul jumped in this racially ambiguous naked girl's yak hair and caught it on fire. *<a href="">DeSean Fall</a>* at Kevin Hart's reaction.

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