Brother Ali – “Mourning In America”


"Terrorism is the war of the poor, hold up a mirror so the script get flipped/ Cause when it’s in reverse it ain’t wrong no more, Warfare’s the terrorism of the rich" Newsflash, this country is far from perfect and our leaders sure ain't saints.

Notable Quotables

Notable Quotable – Brother Ali On “Writer’s Block”


"I ain't trying to be one of them dudes That makes hundreds of new songs and none of them are good Some of 'em are cool, but they ain't say nothin' new Runnin' though a verse just for something to do I wanna be the cat that put the straw on the back Of the camel and sent him to the chiroprac I wanna write a line that's in your head all day Songs that make you say you've never felt that way I'm trying to give myself goosebumps, OK.

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