NCAA Tournament

March Badassness: 16 Have Been Brutally Killed, But 16 Remain In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Tournament


The first round of our Game of Thrones Tournament is over -- see who lived, who died, and who fights in round two!

NCAA Tournament

Villanova’s Crying Piccolo Player Got To Sit In With The Roots On ‘The Tonight Show’


Jimmy Fallon invited Villanova's crying piccolo girl to sit in and play with The Roots on 'The Tonight Show,' with a few extra surprises.

NCAA Tournament

It Didn’t Take Long For Kansas Governor Sam Brownback To Jump On The Wichita State Bandwagon


Sam Brownback tried to play both sides of the Kansas/Wichita State divide during last night's tournament game until the Shockers won.

NCAA Tournament

Behind The Mask: Rip Hamilton On Beating Duke, Getting Advice From Kobe And MJ, And His Facial Fashion Statement


It’s possible nobody had a sweeter midrange game in the past 20 years, and nobody worked harder to get those midrange shots, than Rip Hamilton.

NCAA Tournament

March Morbidity Savage 16: What Is The Greatest Movie Death Scene Ever?


Our quest to pick the ultimate action movie death scene continues with the Sweet 16.

NCAA Tournament

The Most ’90s Band Tournament Is Down To 16 Horrible/Awesome Groups; Vote Now!


In the Round of 32 we lost some very '90s music, like Collective Soul, Everclear, Coolio, Third Eye Blind, and Smash Mouth.

NCAA Tournament

‘A Bunch Of Warriors': Tom Izzo’s Spartans Scrap Their Way To Yet Another Sweet Sixteen


In a physical and ugly game against Virginia, Michigan State showed once again why Tom Izzo is one of the best coaches in March.

NCAA Tournament

You May Notice UAB Wearing Mismatched Shoes During The NCAA Tournament, Here’s The Reason Why

Each NCAA Tournament, you start to hear stories that a team's beat writers, fans and message board faithful already know.

NCAA Tournament

And Now Charlie Sheen Has A Problem With Barack Obama Filling Out A March Madness Bracket


Charlie Sheen unleashed a very odd Tweet to criticize President Obama for filling out a March Madness bracket instead of doing his job.

NCAA Tournament

Georgetown Teaches Eastern Washington’s Coach A Valuable Lesson: Never Guarantee A Win

John Thompson says his players were fired up after Eastern Washington coach Jim Hayford guaranteed victory against the Hoyas

Stanley Johnson

Stanley Johnson’s Soaring Slam Coaxes A Ridiculous Comparison To LeBron James From Reggie Miller


Arizona's Stanley Johnson really is a man among boys at the college level, and combines such physical prowess with a skill-game good enough to earn Pac-12 Freshman of the Year. He's a great college player and has the chance to be a very good pro, too – the 18 year-old is a surefire top-10 pick for a reason.

NCAA Tournament

Christian Laettner Discusses His ’30 For 30,’ The Public’s Perception Of Him, And Beating Kentucky


UPROXX Sports chats with the former Duke great about Coach K, the "I Hate Christian Laettner" documentary and more.

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