That Can Happen!? Woman’s Breast Implant Ruptures While Gaming.

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A woman in Beijing reportedly suffered a ruptured breast implant after laying on her stomach in bed during a gaming session lasting longer than four hours.


Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Hilariously Disturbing

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"Scientifically Accurate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" uses turtle facts to animate these horrifying, salmonella-ridden, giant-wanged Ninja Turtles.


Nightmare Fuel Validated: The Veep Mascot Is A Guest Racing President

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Out of context, that's the most "Yahoo Serious Festival" headline I've ever written.


PETMAN Robot + Camo Suit + Gas Mask = Terror

By | 4 Comments

The PETMAN robot is just doing his job in this clip. The nightmare fuel is just a bonus!


‘Veep’s’ New Street Marketing Campaign Is NIGHTMARE FUEL

By | 10 Comments

HBO's "Veep" is promoting their second season by having a woman in a huge, grotesque Julia Louis-Dreufus head run around Washington.

Sea Creatures


By | 76 Comments

Have a look at this giant monster eel someone caught in New Jersey. Now excuse me while I turn on all the lights and hide under a blanket.


Sweet Dreams, Sailors: Squids Can Fly Up To 100 Feet Through The Air

By | 3 Comments

You know what could save us from those spiders raining from the sky in Brazil? Squids that can fly up to 100 feet through the air. We're saved/doomed!


Nuke It From Orbit: Thousands Of Spiders Showering The Skies In Brazil

By | 9 Comments

In a town in the south of Brazil, thousands of spiders work together making "sheet webs" across the sky. This video is the stuff of nightmares.


Kill It With Fire: The Brazilian Treehopper Is The Scary Insect Of The Day

By | 3 Comments

Another insect has crawled its way under our doors and silently, menacingly requested entry into our "Kill It With Fire" scary insects club.


Nightmare Fuel: Never Go Zorbing

By | 17 Comments

WARNING: This clip may or may not be of a fatal accident.


Today In Pure Nightmare Fuel: Here’s A Roach Controlled By Twitter

By | 5 Comments

Is unleashing a social network on something that can't really fight back such a good idea? Let's find out!


Nightmare Fuel: Woman Who Had Cosmetic Stem Cell Treatment Grew Bones In Her Eye

By | 16 Comments

Somehow, it's not an urban legend that a woman who underwent an unregulated cosmetic surgery involving stem cells grew bone fragments in her eye.


Nic Cage Is Every Hobbit Character, And We Couldn’t Be Happier About It

By | 2 Comments

Matheus Candido has sent us his perhaps finest work: Nic Cage as every character in 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'.


Here’s A Terrifying Reminder That Athlete Underwear Ads Have Come A Long Way

By | 11 Comments

Earlier this year, there was a considerable deal of buzz around <a href="http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2012/11/love-thy-backup-neighbor-a-definitive-gallery-of-signs-supporting-tim-tebow.html">New York Jets backup QB Tim Tebow</a> inking an endorsement deal with the underwear company Jockey, because the world’s most famous virgin doesn’t exactly sound like the perfect candidate for rocking his bulge.


Florida Or Ohio: Man Inherits 13,000 Item Clown Collection From His Father-In-Law

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A Florida man named Richard Levine has just inherited his father-in-laws 13,000 item clown collection -- masks, toys, dolls, paraphernalia, etc. -- and it is TERRIFYING.


Oh No, Brothers: The Internet Responds To The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

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When not wrestling for TNA, Hulk Hogan spends his days pulling a Jose Canseco and <a href="https://twitter.com/HulkHogan/with_replies">shamelessly retweeting fans</a> who think he should be in The Expendables 3, because he is apparently such an awesome actor.


Kill It With Fire: New, Terrifying Species Of Miniature Dinosaur Identified

By | 2 Comments

A new species of dinosaur was discovered by Paul C. Sereno of the University of Chicago. Here's why it's a terrifying little nightmare creature.


The Pentagon’s Cheetah Robot Beats Usain Bolt’s Speed Record, Is Nightmare Fuel

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Boston Dynamics' DARPA-funded Cheetah robot broke the land speed record for legged robots six months ago. Now it broke the record for humans, too.


Ultra-Realistic 'Futurama' Art Is The Best Kind Of Nightmare Fuel

By | 8 Comments

Good news, everyone! Jared Krichevsky created ultra-realistic, 3-dimensional models of 'Futurama' characters.


Creepy Woody Is Back, No Action Figure Is Safe

By | 8 Comments

Really, this is the face you'd expect a guy named Woody to have.

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