Nike x Livestrong Footwear Collection 2011

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<a href=""> For several years, the only Livestrong item I owned was several of those baller bands, which I bought when they initially released and never wore. Instead, they served as gifts to friends because, at the time, the pieces of rubber wear coveted fashion accessories. And there we find the origins of how trends begin since Lance Armstrong's cancer campaign has taken on a second life, the oft used maize and black color scheme becoming as recognizable as Yankee fitteds. Iconic may be the word that applies or at least the one I use will talking about certain items with friends. When an article of clothing or an element starts to live independently. Often, I say when it doesn't have to match an other parts of what you're wearing and a connection isn't required before donning it. The aforementioned Evil Empire lids. Denim jackets. The neon yellow commonly associated with AM95's. My personal favorite camouflage, which matches everything. And now, Team LAF's signature varsity maize yellow and black, which don't require surviving cancer or riding a bike for eight days. You wear it and it blends in because it's recognizable. And 2010 changed things for me after I broke down and grabbed a pair of <a href="">Livestrong Trainer 1.2's</a>.


Nike x Manny Pacquiao Collection Holiday ’10

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<a href=""> <a href="">Manny Pacquiao</a> is the new Bo Jackson - well, at least with sneakers.


Bo Jackson All For One Event At Niketown NY

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<a href=""> If you're in NYC for CMJ and need a break from the music, Nike's hosting <a href="">"Bo Jackson ALL For One"</a> event.


Coming Attractions: Nike Trainer 1.2 Cold Weather Collection

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<a href=""> The <a href="">Trainer 1.2</a> is my go-to sneaker right now.


My Train Of Thought

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<a href=""> Amongst addicts, there's a saying that one is too many and a hundred wouldn't be enough. <a href="">Since June</a>, I've been on a Trainer kick that compels me to grab any pair that captures my attention.


Nike Trainer 1.2 Ken Griffey Jr.

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<a href=",pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-354587/pgid-316037"> These are a very nice tribute to the recently retired <a href="">Ken Griffey, Jr</a>.

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