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This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage Vol. 2: Nike’s ‘Find Your Greatness’ Commercial

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I’d be hard-pressed to argue with anyone who claims that Nike consistently produces the best TV commercials.


This Week In Niche Marketing: Tim Tebow And Sam Bradford Worship Satan

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Charles Hubbard <a href="">claims to be a spiritual man</a>, called upon by the great Creator to use his “Spiritual gifts for His glory” but he’s smart enough to know that in this age of the Internet and social media, you need to hitch your wagon to something that really pulls.


Nike Gave LeBron James A Free Pair Of Shoes

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It was announced on Saturday that Miami Heat forward LeBron James was awarded MVP for the third time in his career, after leading his team to a 46-20 regular season record and the No.


LeBron James' Nike Shoe Designer Is Super Sorry You Guys

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On Saturday, Chicago Bulls fans watched in horror as Derrick Rose’s struggles to remain healthy this season came to the worst case scenario conclusion, when his knee buckled on a play late in the 4th quarter, resulting in a torn ACL.

Lebron James

Sneakerheads Rejoice: Nike Now Letting Customers Reserve Shoes Via Twitter


For those of you who have ever waited on line for the release of a shoe, good news: Nike is going to use Twitter as a way to RSVP for new products, eliminating the need to camp out in line at Nike stores to secure a coveted shoe.


His Futsal In This Guy’s Face


The best part of this Futsal argument escalating into a Muay Thai knockout (besides me learning what the hell "Futsal" is) is easily the YouTube commenter explaining his motivations: This was in Russia , futsal 3rd division.


Around The World In Four Minutes With Casey Neistat And His Friend Max

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Here's how Casey Neistat, one of our <a href="">favorite filmmakers on the web</a>, described his latest project.


Nike's Air Alliance Pits Cartoon Kevin Durant Against Mad Shoe Scientists


Every few years, a TV network or a shoe company decides that sports guys should be super heroes.


The New Seahawks Uniforms Are Pretty Cool

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The NFL and Nike invited fans from all over the globe to New York City yesterday to unveil the league’s brand new uniforms, as they were presented by one player from each team.


Morning Links: Giant Doritos Machine Fest Coverage Is Almost Over

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Seriously, I walked by that thing and suddenly knew how to use tools.


UPROXX @ SXSW: Skateboarding And Dodgeball At The Nike Fuel Lot

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Burnsy and Danger Guerrero have been holding down the fort while I've been wandering around Austin looking for Mark Henry <a href="">covering the sights and sounds for UPROXX</a> and <a href="">Gamma Squad</a>, but I finally stumbled onto something sports related: the impromptu Nike Fuel Lot in the middle of downtown, wherein you can play sports, watch people take pictures of people playing sports and get a free t-shirt.


Anderson Silva Helps Brasilian National Soccer Team Defeat Their Shadow-Selves (Wait, What)


Before I watched this commercial, my cultural understanding of Brazil had been drawn mostly from Werner Herzog movies and guesstimated quotes from <a href="" target="_blank">Pitbull's "International Love"</a>.


Mattel Is Finally Making The Hoverboard…

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Back in 2008, an unknown seller posted the original Mattel Hoverboard that Michael J.


Beatboxing Baby Is A Scam! (And Morning Links)


The best part of this is the "this isn't real, someone is moving the baby's chin" "of course it's fake but it's still a funny movie.


First World Problems: NFL Worried About Glee’s Influence On Roman Numerals

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Unless I can't figure out how to get Ghorbash the Iron Hand to follow me through a ruin in Skyrim without bugging out and getting lost in the walls, this is the least important problem you'll read about today: the NFL and Nike are concerned that if they use the Roman numeral "L" to represent the number 50 in 2016's Super Bowl 50, people will think the Super Bowl and Nike mean "loser".


These Links Are Certainly Not A Trap


'Jeff Who Lives at Home' nails every indie dramedy trailer cliche (with side-by-sides) |Film Drunk| The 10 Most Promising Web Contents Created From Thursday Night Television |UPROXX| Meme Watch: It’s About Time We Gave ‘Forever Resentful Mother’ Her Own Feature |UPROXX| Call Your [...].

jerry sandusky

‘Development’ Isn’t The Word I’d Use

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Nike's World Headquarters Campus near Beaverton, Oregon, has a child day care facility called the Joe Paterno Child Development Center.


Advertising Never Stops: Updating Nike’s Current NBA Lockout Ads

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The NFL lockout lasted 132 days, affected a few weeks of preseason play, but ultimately did very little damage to the league's public perception and to the fans' willingness to spend millions to watch their favorite sport.


LeBron’s Mom Will Look Beautiful When She Meets Jesus Tonight

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It looks like nobody's playing pro basketball on Christmas this year, but that hasn't stopped Nike from handing out their annual "ugliest imaginable shoes" Christmas presents to their top players.

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