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Ochocinco: The Montreal Diaries


In June 2014, former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco" Johnson was signed to the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football league. His time there was short, and tenuous to say least. While in Montreal, Ochocinco kept a diary of his experiences.

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Muchas Smoochas, Senor Ocho


The Steelers have won eight straight at Paul Brown Stadium and The Ben has gotten his PEW on in his home state of Ohio, amassing a record of 11-0 there as a pro (a point which will NEVER BE MENTIONED DURING THIS GAME).

suzy kolber asks the tough questions

“The World Is Gonna Get Every Bit A Dade County I Got In Me”


Many, many thanks go to video wunderkind Awful Announcing for providing this clip of Chad Johnson’s sideline interview with Suzy Kolber last night.

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After Rejecting Other Deals, Bengals Trade Chad Johnson to Tyler Perry


CINCINNATI -- A day after declining the Washington Redskins' offer of potentially two first-round picks for wide receiver Chad Johnson, the Cincinnati Bengals shipped the restive wideout to omnipresent comedian Tyler Perry.

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Ocho Cinco Hits The Drive Thru


(car pulls up)Order Box: Welcome to Burger King.

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